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Maren Morris Makes Hilarious 2020 Comparison to ‘Home Alone’

by Kayla Zadel
(Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images) MAREN MORRIS

Christmas movie classics are the best this time of year and Maren Morris is doing her fair share of watching these nostalgic movies. And believe it or not, these iconic films still relate to today.

Maren Morris is feeling some sort of way about 2020 and she’s relating it to the classic “Home Alone” movie.

She tweets, “This year’s hopes = Kevin. This year’s reality = Buzz. WOOF.”

Morris seemingly means that we all hoped for 2020 to be the best year yet. However, we’re getting something more along the lines of Kevin’s brother, Buzz. The award-winning singer even tags the tweet with one of Kevin’s signature sayings, “woof.” Now, if that’s not enough to sum up this year.

Maren Morris Dives Into Twitter Comments

Her followers are loving her nod at the nostalgic Christmas movie and are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts. Morris is even replying to some of the comments.

Fellow singer Jordan Davis replies with two laughing emojis and Morris quotes one of the iconic lines from the “Home Alone” movie.

“’Kevin, you’re such a disease’ just doesn’t hit the same now,” she comments. One of Kevin’s older brothers tells him this the morning before he gets left behind. It’s no wonder that the eight-year-old wishes that his family would disappear.

She’s referencing that Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, is the little brother that always seems to be doing little brother things, like getting in the way, causing trouble, and always takes the fall for everyone else’s mistakes. However, Morris is implying that calling someone a disease just doesn’t insult the same way that it used to in the ’90s. The coronavirus pandemic has put a whole new meaning on the insult.

One fan asks Morris if “Home Alone” was the Christmas movie of choice for the evening. She responds with somewhat of a short and to the point comment.

“Isn’t it obvious,” the tweet says.