Maren Morris Reveals Which Christmas Movie Character She Identifies With as New Mom

by Katie Maloney

Country star Maren Morris shares that she is “pretty much Diane Keaton in The Family Stone.

Morris and her husband, Ryan Hurd, welcomed their first son, Hayes Andrew Hurd, into the world in March this year. And like all mothers learn, Morris recently realized that as a mom during the holidays, she loses her mind – just a little. Morris shared in a post on Twitter that she identifies with the strong-willed yet conflicted matriarch in the movie, The Family Stone. Morris writes, “I am a new Christmas mom, but I can say I’m pretty much Diane Keaton in The Family Stone minus the screaming and withholding.” We’re glad she opted out of the screaming and emotional withholding.

Maren Morris Says Her Son Is A “Good” Distraction While Not Touring

COVID-19 has thrown all of our schedules off track this year. Country music stars are no exception. Without being able to tour, many artists are struggling to fill their time. However, Morris says that being a new mom is a great distraction during isolation.

“We really couldn’t have asked for a more magical human to be brought into our lives during this crazy time, and he’s been a good distraction from not being able to tour,” says Morris.

Additionally, Morris says that she’s been blessed with an unfussy baby. “He eats all the green foods I would never touch,” says Morris. “And I think we’ve only heard him really cry four different times,” she continues.

However, Morris and her hubby joke that they are waiting for the “spell to wear off.”

“We are honestly just waiting for the spell to wear off and he becomes a terror,” says Morris. “But so far, he’s just been our sweet, sensitive son.”

Taken from Maren Morris’s Instagram Story. A video of her son playing the piano.

As if navigating motherhood for the first time wasn’t enough, Morris also released two new tunes this year. Nearly 15 months after the arrival of her second album Girl, Morris added the songs, “Just for Now” and “Takes Two.” Both songs now appear as additional tracks at the end of the streaming version of Girl.

Maren Morris “Just For You”