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Maren Morris Says She Feels ‘Hurt’ When People Say She Isn’t Country

by Jennifer Shea
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA

Maren Morris wants people to know it hurts when they say she’s not country.

The country singer won three awards at Wednesday’s CMA Awards: Single of the Year, Song of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.

But she says she still sometimes feels like she doesn’t belong.

Morris Shares Her Feelings

“I still can get hurt when people claim I’m ‘not country’,” Morris tweeted Friday. “But when I stood there accepting @cma song of the year, I realized it is much harder to forge your own path & sound than attempt to be a knock off of someone who’s already pioneered the genre. Thank you for accepting me.”

A Pop Crossover Who Transcends Genres

Rolling Stone has called Morris “a bona fide crossover.” She is unquestionably a country musician as well as pop now. 

But Morris is also part of the group The Highwomen, a country quartet that also features Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby and Amanda Shires. Morris told Rolling Stone that she actually likes transcending the county genre. And she sees The Highwomen as being bigger than country.

“It’s been this gateway to a lot of fans that maybe thought we were one thing and then we ended up being what we are,” Morris said. “When you listen to our album, there’s so many genres present.”

Morris further explained that The Highwomen is a fundamentally leaderless project. She said they all agreed to proceed that way.

“I love that we sing in unison,” she added. “It’s not totally distinguishable who is taking a lead. We set it up that way; it’s a very equal [frontwoman] project. It’s a really comforting record to listen to, even by myself. What [producer] Dave Cobb did sonically is such a warm blanket. When we played the Newport Folk Festival with Dolly [Parton], that was probably one of my top three performances I’ll ever be a part of.”