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Maren Morris Shows Love to Fan After Receiving Emotional Letter

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Maren Morris showed love to a fan via Twitter on Wednesday, Nov. 4, after receiving an emotional letter.

In a Tweet that included the fan’s letter, Morris wrote, “Yes, I read my fan mail. Thank you to the family that sent me this today.”

The letter’s author praises Morris for putting herself “on the line,” sharing from her “heart and soul.” “It matters more than you know,” the fan adds. The letter also praises Morris for her “courage” and “heart.” “Please keep speaking your truth and continue to be courageous,” the author writes.

The letter also specifically addresses how the author feels about the choice between President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in Tuesday’s election. “And even if Joe Biden ultimately wins (which seems likely) we are unbelievably sad – sad that so many of the people in our country have placed racism, greed and guns over love, mercy and grace. So sad.”

“My Church,” a popular song by Morris, is also referenced in the letter. As are her songs “Dear Hate” and “Better than We Found It.”

“I still can’t get through that video without some tears,” the fan writes.

The fan also includes words of hope for Morris. “… please don’t let these discouraging, crazy hours dim the light which shines so brightly in you! That light can help change the world.”

Maren Morris has shown her support for Biden during the 2020 campaign. This included an appearance at the Biden-Harris “I Will Vote” campaign concert. In an October Tweet announcing her plans to perform at the concert, Morris showed support for Biden and “Democrats down the ballot.”

Morris has also faced criticism for her political views in the past. Also in October, she responded to Tomi Lahren and fans who said Trump supporters would unfollow her for supporting Democrats.