Maren Morris Slams Julia Roberts’ Character in Classic Romantic Comedy

by Thad Mitchell

Country Music sensation Maren Morris has had a highly productive 2020 and is considered one of music’s rising stars. Morris was a big winner at the recent CMA Awards ceremony putting on a great performance and taking home three awards.

At the ceremony, she won awards for Female Vocalist of the Year, Single of the Year and Song of the year for “The Bones.”

She and husband Ryan Hurd also welcome a son this year and are excelling at parenthood. Hayse Andrew, at 7-months-old, is showing a musical inclination held by his mother and recently shows off his piano skills.

Morris Tweets About Classic Julia Roberts Rom-Com

Taking to social media on Wednesday, Morris took a shot at movie critiquing with a post on Twitter about a well known romantic comedy. Speaking on the Julia Roberts hit movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” she shares her thoughts on Roberts’ character.

“I have really been needing to get this off my chest,” she says. “Julia Roberts’ character in My best Friend’s Wedding is such a terrible person. I CAN’T FINISH IT.”

In the romantic comedy, Roberts plays a food critic who realizes she is in love with her lifelong best friend. The friend is set to wed another woman, by Roberts’ character tries to win him back before he ties the knot.

Several of Morris’ social media followers also chime in on her movie critique and reply that they agree with her thought.

“Yes!” a fans replies. “I’ve always said this.”

“I was watching this again a few weeks ago and thinking the exact same thing,” another Twitter user says.