Maren Morris Teases New Music, Says Songs Are Sounding ‘B***hy’

by Charles Craighill

Maren Morris, the country music star, looks like she will release some new music sometime soon. On Twitter, she hinted at her upcoming releases. She has already said that giving her new songs 2021 release dates gets her really excited. Now, just a few days into the new year, those dates are fast approaching.

“Songs are sounding bitchy and I like,” she wrote on Twitter with a purple devil emoji.

Maren Morris 2020 Success

While 2021 looks to bring a lot of new success, she also looks back on her success of 2020. She raked in the CMA awards winning three on five nominations. She won Female Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Single of the Year.

While she released her first album in 2017, she really began to blossom in the years’ since. Her popularity skyrocketed and her fanbase grew astronomically. At 30 years old, Morris is becoming a household name in country music.

Beyond her musical success, 2020 also delivered the birth of her and her husband Ryan Hurd’s first child. Even with a bustling career and a busy schedule, she still made time for her family.

What 2021 Might Look Like

Unfortunately, the new year brings some disappointing news for Maren Morris fans. On December 18, Morris had to cancel her upcoming 2021 RSVP Tour. She broke the sad news in a letter to her fans.

“Hi, darlings,” Morris starts off in the letter for her fans. “There is so much hope with this vaccine being distributed in 2021, but we are still unsure of when we will be able to do the tour next year,” the country star continues.

“With the prospect of, yet again, rescheduling half of the dates already becoming a reality, I have decided to cancel the RSVP Tour. You will receive a full refund at point of purchase.”

On the bright side, she also announced that she will release a new album in 2021, which she references in the above tweet. While we may not be able to enjoy live music for a little bit longer, we can at least look forward to some great new music.