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Mark Chesnutt Faces Health Setback Amid Back Surgery Recovery

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Mark Chesnutt is a 90s country icon. During that decade, the Honky Tonk Legend released seven albums as well as a greatest hits package. At this time, Chesnutt has stacked up four platinum albums and twenty top-ten hits. Eight of those hits topped the Billboard country singles chart. However, he didn’t stop recording when the sun set on the 90s. Instead, he continued working with independent labels. He’s still making top-shelf neotraditional country to this day.

It hasn’t been the best summer for the country star. He had to cancel several tour dates in July, August, and early September due to emergency back surgery. After dealing with back issues for years, Chesnutt’s doctor finally told him that he couldn’t wait any longer. As he said in his announcement in July, when the doctor says “you have no choice,” you have no choice. His surgery was a success and he was on the mend.

Recently, though, things got a little more complicated for the “Bubba Shot the Jukebox,” singer and his family. Saturday night, Mark Chesnutt took to Facebook to let everyone know that he and his wife had tested positive for COVID-19.

In the post, Chesnutt said that he just wanted to give everyone an update on his condition. First, he noted that he was still on the mend after his surgery. Then, he wrote, “While doing so, my wife Tracie and I have tested positive for COVID-19! Thank you all for the continuous prayers!”

Mark Chesnutt Is Still Making Music

The country music world won’t know when Mark Chesnutt will be able to hit the road again until he updates us. However, he has an entire catalog of music to dig through in the meantime. In fact, he has released two new projects this year.

However, neither of those projects are albums full of new music. The last time he did that was in 2017 with Tradition Lives. Instead, Mark Chesnutt released a live album and an EP.

 Live From the Honky Tonk dropped early this year. The 27-track collection contains some of Chesnutt’s finest cuts. You’ll find classics like “Bubba Shot the Juke Box,” “Too Cold at Home,” “All My Old Flames Have New Names,” and “Brother Jukebox,” among others on the record. Additionally, Chesnutt covers greats like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash in his set. It’s a great look at what we can expect when he hits the road again.

In June of this year, Mark Chesnutt released 6 Pack Summer Mix Tape. As the title implies, it’s a six-track EP. It includes five previously-released Chesnutt cuts as well as a cover of Marshall Tucker Band’s “Heard It In a Love Song.”

So, turn on one of those new projects today and let the whole neighborhood hear it. Also, if you pray, be sure to remember Mark and Tracie Chesnutt when you bow your head.