Martina McBride: Get to Know the Country Music Star’s Three Daughters

by Katie Maloney

Did you know that country superstar Martina McBride has three daughters? Here’s everything you need to know about the happy family.

In addition to winning five Country Music Awards, one American Music Award, and landing 13 Grammy nominations, Martina McBride is also a mom of three. She has three daughters with her husband John McBride. And they’ve all been a happy family for the past 33 years. Here’s everything you need to know about Martina’s three daughters.

Delaney Katherine McBride

Born on December 22, 1994, Delaney is the big sister of the family. Although there isn’t a lot of information on Delaney, we know that she graduated from massage therapy school in 2018.

In a post celebrating her daughter, Martina shared several photos of Delaney. Along with the photos, she wrote, “You are a beautiful light. You are caring, funny, and kind, you find joy in simple things and yet you are anything but simple. You are a complex young woman, a deep thinker, and a spiritual seeker. A gypsy, an adventurer, and a free spirit. You are a caretaker, a good friend, sister, and daughter. A healer, a good listener, a giver. You are figuring it out and yet well on your way. I see all of you Delaney. I hope this is your best year yet, I love you.”

Emma Justine McBride

Born on March 29, 1998, Emma is the middle child of the McBride family. When she was 19 years-old, Emma moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She now lives in New York. In a birthday post for her daughter, Martina McBride shared several photos of Emma.

Along with the photos, she wrote, “Emma you have always been a bright light. Filling up every room you enter and every person who is lucky enough to know you. I’m so proud of you and the life you are making for yourself. Living on your own in NYC. Going after your dreams. All the while staying true to yourself. You are strong, brave, smart, and beautiful inside and out. You are my heart and I love you more. 

Ava Rose Kathleen McBride

Born on June 20, 2005, Ava is the youngest of Martina McBride’s three daughters. And because she’s only a teenager, she’s not in the spotlight too much. But, based on these photos, she’s definitely the spitting image of her mama!

In a post celebrating Ava’s birthday, Martina shared several photos of her daughter. Along with the photos, she wrote, “If you believe in “old souls” then you would recognize that in her. Wise beyond her years she has always kept us intrigued trying to figure out who she is. I’ve recently realized she’s beyond “figuring out”. She just is. She is Ava and I’ve never met anyone so sure of who she is and what she stands for. I love the fact that she is so wise and stands for what she believes to be true, but it makes me happy that I can still can see an innocence in there as well. I’m so proud of her.”