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Martina McBride Says Media Seems ‘Determined’ To Make Her Feel ‘All of the Negative Things’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: John Shearer/Country Rising/Getty Images

Martina McBride took to Twitter to tell her followers she felt overwhelmed by “all of the negative things” in the media. She said she wanted to share something that made her feel “love.”

McBride shared a music video of “The Love” by The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson. The video featured a speech by Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and clips of Civil Rights leader Ella Baker. Additionally, the video also features clips taken from national protests, white supremacist groups with torches, Adolf Hitler, and President Donald Trump.

The music video also features people from several different backgrounds holding their hands into the shape of hearts. While McBride said she doesn’t care who her followers are voting for, many find the video to be a pro-Biden nod in the election. The video features Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris dancing. It also ends with a message from Biden encouraging voters to vote for “character,” “compassion” and “decency.”

She wrote, “I don’t care who you are voting for. Everyone is entitled to a vote. That’s democracy. But this piece of art rings true to me. And on a day when like so many other days the media seems determined to make me feel all of the negative things..this made me feel something else. Love.”

Twitter Reacted to the Post of Martina McBride

Some Twitter users viewed McBride’s tweet as a stance of “anti-police”. One user expressed disappointment, writing, “Might ring true to you, but sorry, looks anti-police to me! There’s much more to the problem than this short video!”

Another wrote, “Despite the politics on either side, portraying police as terrorists is beyond the pale.”

In contrast, several followers thanked McBride for sharing the video. They described it as “powerful.”

One user said the video showed the extent of police brutality in the country. They wrote, “It is actual footage of law enforcement. If they seem like terrorists to you, then perhaps there is room for law enforcement to improve their interactions with civilians.”