Martina McBride Shares Heartwarming Story About Unique Family Christmas Tradition

by Chris Haney
Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

On Sunday, country star Martina McBride posted a touching story about her family’s unique Christmas tradition to her official Instagram account.

The singer said that people often ask her about her Christmas traditions. Therefore, McBride decided to share some of her traditions throughout the holiday season following up to Christmas Day. She’s even starting a new social media hashtag for the traditions: #martinaschristmastraditions.

“People ask me about our Christmas traditions. So I thought I’d share a few with you over the next couple of weeks until Christmas. I’m going to hashtag them with #martinaschristmastraditions so you can search that and find them,” McBride began her post.

McBride Shares The First of Her ‘Martina’s Christmas Traditions’

Next, the country musician went on to share the first of many Christmas traditions with her fans. For her first tradition, McBride shared her family’s Christmas china. She says it may sound fancy, but that her family is far from it.

In fact, this particular tradition started around the time she married her husband, John. McBride said she’s used to using the same dinnerware all year long. However, John’s mother used Spode Christmas Tree china during the holidays.

After mentioning to his mother how much she loved it, her mother-in-law proceeded to buy her the china for years to come. Each Christmas, like clockwork, her mother-in-law gifted McBride with a few pieces of the china. That holiday tradition continued for 26 years until her husband’s mother passed away.

“This first one is our Christmas china. Which sounds very fancy but we aren’t fancy,” McBride explained in her post. “When I married John I went to his mom and dad’s house around the holidays and when his mom made us dinner (she was a fabulous cook) she served it on this Spode Christmas Tree china. I was super impressed. When I was growing up we used the same plates 365 days a year. I mentioned how much I loved the plates…and for the next 26 years…until she passed away…every Christmas she would give me a few pieces.”

The country artist says the tradition brings back “precious memories” of her in-laws and that she’ll pass the collection on to her daughters one day.

“Now I have a collection large enough to pass on to my girls. Every year starting around the first week of December we replace all of our regular dishes and only use these. That’s one of our traditions,” McBride continued. “It reminds me of my precious in-laws. And I hope someday it will remind my girls and their families of precious memories spent in our house during the holidays. #martinaschristmastraditions.”