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Martina McBride Shows Holiday Tradition She’s Carried On Since Age ‘5 or 6’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by John Shearer/Country Rising/Getty Images)

Martina McBride shared one of her beloved Christmas traditions that she’s carried on since she was a little girl. The Independence Day singer said she has set up this nativity scene that her dad made for her grandmother more than 60 years every year since she was 5 or 6 years old.

She uploaded the photo for her more than 400,000 followers on Instagram on Christmas Day.

“This holiday tradition is so special to me. This manger was handmade out of wood by my dad for his mom and dad….my grandparents. From the time I was 5 or 6 my grandma let me set up the nativity. I remember feeling so proud of this “job” and so protective toward the figurines. The fact that the baby Jesus was detached and I could actually hold Him blew my little mind. The fact that my grandmother allowed me to touch something so precious….which was, in reality, a set she probably got at Ben Franklin for a few dollars…was not lost on me either,” she wrote.

“To me they were precious. And they still are,” she continued. “Before she passed she gave this nativity to me. Of course, now these pieces are antiques, more than 60 years old I’d say. But to me their worth is in the memories I have around them and the reverence I have for this blessed scene and all that it means. #merrychristmas #martinaschristmastraditions”

Martina McBride Shares Other Beloved Christmas Items

Martina McBride has been sharing a lot of her Christmas traditions with fans this month. And the handmade nativity isn’t the only heirloom she cherishes.

She shared photos of her Christmas china and the adorable story behind the large set.

“This first one is our Christmas china. Which sounds very fancy but we aren’t fancy,” McBride explained in her post. “When I married John I went to his mom and dad’s house around the holidays and when his mom made us dinner (she was a fabulous cook) she served it on this Spode Christmas Tree china. I was super impressed. When I was growing up we used the same plates 365 days a year. I mentioned how much I loved the plates…and for the next 26 years…until she passed away…every Christmas she would give me a few pieces.”

McBride says she plans to give the set to her daughters so they can carry on the tradition.

“Now I have a collection large enough to pass on to my girls. Every year starting around the first week of December we replace all of our regular dishes and only use these. That’s one of our traditions,” McBride continued. “It reminds me of my precious in-laws. And I hope someday it will remind my girls and their families of precious memories spent in our house during the holidays.”