Martina McBride Shares Sweet Throwback Pics With Husband John for 33rd Wedding Anniversary

by Clayton Edwards

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Martina McBride and her husband John have been together for 33 years.

Country music is full of love songs. Everyone knows that. However, the world of country music is also full of beautiful love stories. Most country fans could name a few off the tops of their heads. First and foremost there’s Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their courtship and marriage were a huge part of the Oscar-winning Cash biopic Walk the Line.

Then, there’s Alan Jackson and his wife Denise. They’ve been together for over forty years. The couple married before Jackson ever hit it big. In fact, the song he wrote for Denise on their tenth anniversary was his first number-one single. The list goes on from there.

However, we have to give Martina McBride and her hubby their due. They just celebrated their 33rd anniversary yesterday. Martina shared a collection of sweet throwback pictures of her and John. The photos are a trip down memory land for the McBrides as well as her fans.

The pictures of the happy couple are adorable. however, the caption of the post is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

In the caption, Martina McBride says that the last thirty-three years have flown by. She goes on to say, “I’m so lucky this man came into my life and was absolutely all-in when it came to me, my career, his career, our kids, our marriage, our life together.”

Martina adds that “all-in” is the perfect way to describe John McBride and that she is lucky to have him. She closes by telling her long-time hubby that she loves him and gives the date of their anniversary, May 15.

Martina and John McBride’s Love Story

John and Martina McBride met in Wichita, Kansas in the mid-eighties. Martina was part of a rock band called The Penetrators. They were going nowhere fast. However, that band did lead her to meet John. He was a Wichita-based sound engineer. Her band rented rehearsal space from him.

While working with him, Martina McBride, who was then Martina Schiff, became close with John. When her band started falling apart, John was a shoulder for her to cry on, according to Wide Open Country. Before long, the happy couple got married and moved to Nashville.

John McBride didn’t just make Martina incredibly happy. He also helped to kickstart her career. He landed a job as Garth Brooks’ sound man on tour and got Martina a job working Garth’s merch table.

Later, he passed along one of her demo tapes to an RCA exec. That resulted in Martina McBride landing a record deal with RCA.

So, they have been together for thirty-three years and have three daughters. Martina McBride’s award-winning musical career is a direct result of her marriage. On top of that, they appear to be best friends. The McBrides definitely deserve a spot among the other epic couples of country music.