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Martina McBride Teases New Music With Gorgeous On-Stage Photo

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

While country-pop artist Martina McBride hasn’t been as active in the industry in recent years, she’s been busy teasing fans on an upcoming release.

Her most recent album was from 2018 called It’s the Holiday Season. Before that was her 13th studio album called, Reckless from 2016. She then went on her tour called “Love Unleashed” that same year. The 14-Grammy-nominated artist is looking ahead to life on the road and new music.

In a recent Instagram post, McBride is looking through old photographs ahead of her new music. She wrote, “Going through photos for a new(ish) release. I like this one. It goes in. And yes it’s taken off of my computer screen so the real one will look better #cantwaittotellyou.”

Besides new music, McBride has also come out with several different cookbooks over the years. One of which is “Martina’s Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life.”

According to CMT, McBride talked about her future music in an interview at the 56th ACM Awards. She’s hoping to release new music and then go on tour during the second half of 2021.

“Hopefully, I’m gonna get back on the road. I think starting in July through the end of the year, and we are so excited. It’s been too long, and I miss it so much, so I’m ready to get out and see all the fans and just sing together,” McBride said.

McBride has been using the boredom and free-time from the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to really focus on creating and recording new music.

Martina McBride During COVID-19

Besides working on new music, Martina McBride has been spending more time with her family and has also been focused on giving back.

Unfortunately, McBride lost her mother in 2020 after an emergency heart surgery. She told American Songwriter that she realized just how important it was to give blood after witnessing what her mother went through.

“I’d heard about giving blood my whole life. And now, we were here. We were in this moment. My mom was going to receive blood because someone out there took the time out of their day to donate blood,” McBride said.

She was a part of the “Comfort & Joy” campaign alongside the American Red Cross. She helped urge people to give blood donations during a time where people may need it more than ever. Fewer people were going to give blood donations during the pandemic. In fact, there was a very drastic and deadly decrease in blood donations, which could save the lives of anyone from cancer patients to car crash victims.

On top of reminding others that blood donations are essential, McBride is reminding herself just how much she adores creating music. In many ways, there is no better time than now to jump back in. “I probably should just dive in, but I’ve been waiting during this time, waiting for inspiration for it to feel right to step back in. I find myself, late at night, putting ideas on my phone, but it just isn’t a full song yet.”