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Martina McBride Turned Down Several Television Show Opportunities: Here’s Why

by Jacklyn Krol
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

Martina McBride revealed that she turned down television for a great reason.

In a new interview with The Boot, the “Independence Day” singer spoke about her career and life choices that led her to where she is today. One of the things that she’s learned over the years that has been important to her was knowing that it is okay to say no to things.

“You don’t always have to explain yourself — it doesn’t have to be ‘no’ with an explanation,” she shared. “Sometimes, it can just be ‘no.'”

Firstly, she added that taking care of ourselves “shouldn’t come at the expense of just saying yes to everything.”

One of the biggest things that she said no to was television shows and overseas touring.

“Looking back, I mean, we turned down a lot of work,” she admitted.

If she did take some of the television roles, she would have been on locations for weeks at a time.

“So, there were opportunities that I turned down, but I don’t regret any of it,” she clarified. “And I have the career that I was supposed to have, that I was meant to have, that I chose, so I feel good about it.”

The reason that she decided to stay home was for her children. Martina McBride has three daughters: Ava, Delaney, and Emma. She said that she’s happy she has three well-adjusted children that are happy. At the end of the day, they “always knew that they were a priority.”

Martina McBride’s Exhibit and Record

Martina McBride was recently honored with an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. “The Power of Her Voice” exhibit only ran for a brief time but it made an impression among fans.

“The exhibit encompasses the singer’s journey from performing in her family’s band as a child to becoming an award-winning country music artist with an enduring career delivering substantive and socially aware hit songs,” the website stated.

McBride shared that she was “so honored and a bit overwhelmed to see my very own exhibit.” She said that she has dreamt of his moment for a long time and that she was honored to be surrounded by her loved ones when it was unveiled.

Furthermore, fans can now pre-order an exclusive vinyl to commemorate the 30th anniversary of her first record deal. Greatest Hits: The RCA Years will debut exclusively at Walmart on Aug. 20. It will be printed on blue vinyl, double-sided.

Finally, the record will include the majority of her hits including “That’s Me,” “Independence Day,” “A Broken Wing,” “This One’s For The Girls,” “Concrete Angel,” “I Love You,” and “Wild Angels.”