Marty Smith Raves About Morgan Wallen’s New Album ‘Dangerous’

by Matthew Wilson
(Photo credit: Getty / Big Loud Republic)

In life, we all have those “before and after” moments. Moments when the road you’re traveling on takes a sharp turn and you find yourself blazing a new trail in uncharted territory. One of those monumental “before and after moments” for country superstar Morgan Wallen was the release of his new Dangerous album. That is, if you ask Outsider’s Marty Smith.

For Smith, the 27-year-old East Tennessee native’s latest record stirs up memories from another one of Country Music’s most unforgettable albums: Eric Church’s 2011 album Chief.

“In my mind, Morgan Wallen’s new record, Dangerous, is his Chief,” Smith said. “I’m not comparing the content of the records, rather the vehicle they are on the artist’s career path. The impact.”

We all remember crankin’ up Church’s Chief album when it came out 10 years ago. Playing hits like “Springsteen,” “Drink in My Hand,” and “Over When It’s Over” on a loop. With Wallen’s Dangerous album, many Country Music fans are catching that feeling once again. And, much like a decade ago, we’re likely witnessing a young singer shifting gears into becoming a genuine superstar.

Smith continues by adding: “Dangerous draws a distinct line in Morgan’s evolution: More to say. More depth. More vulnerability. In Eric Church’s career, there is a distinct line of demarcation — before-Chief and after-Chief. That instant leap into a new stratosphere, and the fame and the responsibility that accompanies it. That jump from another guy to one of The Guys. I think for Morgan, Dangerous is his demarcation line. There will be before-Dangerous and after-Dangerous.”

Much like Smith, Chief himself considers himself a huge Morgan Wallen fan. In a recent interview, Church raved about his music. And most importantly, Church recognizes Wallen’s authenticity as an artist and a man.

“He’s real damn good, and he’s authentic. That’s the key,” Church said of Wallen. “Morgan is not trying to be somebody else. He’s just doing him. It’s refreshing to see and hear.”

Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous’ Taking Over the Charts

Released on Jan. 8, “Dangerous: The Double Album” has certainly been dangerous on the charts. So far, the album has spent 3 consecutive weeks at Billboard’s Artist 100 chart. Many listeners would agree with Smith. They can’t get enough of Wallen’s music.

The album is a needed win for the artist, who dealt with several controversies in 2020. Wallen said events like the “Saturday Night Live” debacle reflected in his music. For now, the singer appears to have learned his lesson, turning out songs that show his sensitive side.

“We didn’t originally have any goals of doing a double album,” Wallen said. “But whenever the quarantine happened, we just felt like people really need music right now more than ever. And we said why not. The writing, the recording, the production of it all was really my way of escaping everything going on in the world.”

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