Matthew McConaughey Helps to Launch Mentorship Program to ‘Shine a Light’ on Emerging Musicians

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey is looking to be a mentor to those in the world of music as he’s helping to launch a mentorship program. The “Dazed and Confused” actor would talk about this opportunity with PEOPLE. The mentorship program is partially titled 101 Bold Nights. McConaughey serves as a creative director for the program. He is talking a little bit about how important it is to open doors for people.

He said, “I’ve had people open up doors for me. You can’t really do anything for somebody once they’re in the door, but if you can help open a door and go, ‘The mic is plugged in, you better hit it, better make it happen,’ there’s some things that they’re going to be able to learn from this.”

Matthew McConaughey Works To Help Musicians Get Mentorship

McConaughey, 52, is working with Wild Turkey and Spaceflight Records. This program is called #101BoldNightsMusicMentorship. What is the essence of this program? Well, it appears that McConaughey and Spaceflight Records are looking for an emerging musical artist. They will want the record label to offer personalized mentorship along the way.

“We want to find bands that we go, ‘Hey, you know what? This band trusts their spirit,'” McConaughey said. “You only get one time for a first impression in so many of these businesses, and it’s a tough gig to make it in the music business, obviously. But there’s a lot of things that I’m sure musicians, bands that have made it can go, ‘Oh, if I’d have known then what I know now, I could have done this differently or better.'”

Actor Wants To Offer Support For Emerging Band

McConaughey said, “That’s what we’re hoping to let some emerging band know now. And the band that we like, hopefully they’re great musicians and great storytellers at the same time.” McConaughey would also spend a little time reflecting on his time in the music industry. He’s worked with Mishka, a reggae artist, back in 2009 with his record label titled J.K. Livin Records. The actor would work as a producer for Mishka. Yet he did step away because McConaughey “started a family and had other things to manage.”

The actor would remember how Don Phillips helped him get that role in “Dazed and Confused.” “He gave me a chance to read, got me in the door. Once I was in the door, I did enough to get the job,” McConaughey said. “And then, he was the guy that once Dazed and Confused came out and I graduated college and drove to Hollywood with $2,000 in my pocket, he’s the guy who said, ‘You can sleep on my couch,’ which I did for months.”