Matthew McConaughey’s ‘We’re Texas’ Benefit Concert Raises Over $200k

by Josh Lanier

Matthew McConaughey, with the help of scores of musicians, athletes, and celebrities raised more than $250,000 to aid Texas families in need. Millions of Texans are still dealing with the fallout from the winter storms last month. People lost power, water pipes burst, and dozens died trying to stay warm during the storm.

McConaughey opened the show with a rousing speech about forgoing politics and finding solutions. In fact, he said he hoped both sides of the aisle would put aside their differences for the greater good.

“Helping people in real need is not a political issue. … They’re the values of being a good neighbor. They’re the values we teach our children,” McConaughey said. “It’s really simple. Tonight is about helping people get back on their feet after they’ve got knocked down. It is about lending a helping hand to people who aren’t just looking for a handout. It’s about serving people who want to serve themselves but are having a hard time doing it right now. It is about reviving our spirit — not only in Texas — but in all of us.”

McConaughey broadcast the show on his YouTube channel and included multiple ways to give. The proceeds are to go to local charities and relief organizations such as Austin Disaster Relief Network, Meals on Wheels Central Texas, the St. Bernard Project, and the Salvation Army of Texas. McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin’ Foundation’s Texas Relief Fund will distribute the funds.

The show featured performances from George Strait, Kelly Clarkson, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, and several others. The two-hour show also featured scores of famous Texans and companies offering up donations, which are still being accepted.

Matthew McConaughey Says Leadership is Needed

McConaughey said he’s stepping up because there are still so many people still in need, and not enough is being done to get them help.

“A lot of Texans are hurting right now,” Matthew McConaughey told the San Antonio Current. “After the disaster of the worst freeze here in over 70 years, so many are still without clean water, and unable to repair water damage that has made their homes unlivable. The We’re Texas virtual event features an all-star lineup of Texas talent for a night to restore Texas. It’s time.”

McConaughey said he and his family were safe during the storm, he told Jimmy Fallon. They had some water damage after some pipes bursts from the cold, and they had to boil their water for four days.

“But the problem in Texas is there’s tens of thousands that aren’t in as good a shape as we are right now,” he continued. “There’s a lot of people that are out of a home.”