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Meet Kacey Musgraves’ Alleged Boyfriend Dr. Gerald Onuhoa

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media

It appears that country star Kacey Musgraves just might have a new man in her life. And, according to an article by ELLE.com, his name is Dr. Gerald Onuhoa.

The paparazzi recently captured images of Musgraves and Onuhoa snuggling in public. These images were taken in Los Angeles. The duo was waiting for an Uber driver to pick them up at the time.

In addition to these public sightings, Musgraves has also shared photos of her with Onuhoa on social media. She shared them on her Instagram account.

Whether Kacey Musgraves and Dr. Gerald Onuhoa are officially an item has not been confirmed by the popular country music artist. Maybe she will make it official in an Instagram post. Fans will certainly just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here’s what the media has found out about Dr. Onuhoa.

First, he practices medicine in Nashville. The practice is called HCA Healthcare. It provides internal medicine care. He attended college at Tennessee State University and Meharry Medical College. He holds a master’s degree from Dartmouth College.

In addition to his work as a medical professional, Onuhoa also frequently posts on social media. It appears that he prefers Instagram and Twitter for sharing his thoughts. Here’s one of his most recent posts.

Possible Boyfriend of Kacey Musgraves Founded ‘Everybody vs Racism’ Organization

Via his Instagram biography, Dr. Onuhoa describes himself as “Nashville Living. God fearing. Nigerian American. Healer. Astronomer. DReam chaser. Activist. Nupe. Founder of @everybodyvsracism.”

Many of the posts he shares involve anti-racist messages. In fact, Onuhoa is so involved in this cause that he founded an organization focused on battling racism.

According to his Instagram bio, this organization is called “Everybody vs Racism.” The organization’s Instagram account describes it as “a movement to Eradicate Racism.”

Unsurprisingly, the Nashville doctor also shares medical advice via social media. He also shares messages centered on his faith. “If God is pleased then stop worrying about who isn’t,” one of these messages read. Along with this meme, Onuhoa added the caption, “Just run your route.”

There might be some clues to when, and if, Kacey Musgraves and Onuhoa started seeing each other on his Instagram page. According to reports, Musgraves has been liking Onuhoa’s social media posts since February of 2021.

Interestingly, the Nashville doctor shared a post about relationships early on during 2021. In this post, he encouraged others to find healthy relationships in the coming year. “Only healthy friendships, familyships, relationships, and marriages in 2021. We’re getting rid of everything else,” Onuhoa shared.

Also, for someone who could be dating a celebrity, Dr. Gerald Onuhoa appears to have the right frame of mind. He seems to know that keeping things just between him and the person he is wife is important. He expressed this during February on social media. Onuhoa shared: “Date in Private. Love in Private. Be Happy in Private.”

According to ELLE.com, Kacey Musgraves divorced Ruston Kelly during September 2020.