Midland Describes Big Moment They Knew Band Would Be Successful

by Jacklyn Krol

Midland revealed the moment that they realized that they needed to officially become a band.

When Midland first met and got together, each member was pursuing separate solo projects. The trio believed that they had some songwriting and musical chemistry and decided to test it out. They decided to book a recording session at Sonic Ranch with songs that Jess and Mark had written. They ended up booking ten days in the studio, and it was that whirlwind experience that sealed their fate.

At a Glance

  • Midland revealed the moment that they wanted to see if they had musical chemistry
  • They shared the time that they spent recording music for the first time
  • The band documented their entire experience

“We didn’t really have any designs after that. It was just, let’s just go and record these songs,” Cameron Duddy said.

At the end of the ten intensive days in the studio, they knew that they created magic. “Talk about these kind of life-changing experiences,” Duddy noted. “For me, it’s like getting married, having a child and this Sonic Ranch session. I can still remember the feeling. It’s palpable. It’s totally three-dimensional for me, you know.”

He added, “It was just this unsaid understanding that when we left there we were gonna continue on with this project.”

Last year, they released their The Sonic Ranch documentary which detailed their first recording session. They’re not gearing up for release their third studio album, The Last Resort: Greetings From, featuring their latest single, “Sunrise Tells the Story,” on May 6th.

Midland on Creating Their Concert

A Midland concert is something that can’t ever be reproduced. Their band not only consists of the trio, but their touring band as well.

“You know, playing live music the way we do, with a seven piece band, it takes an incredible amount of focus and of practice,” they shared. The trio said that when they perform a concert it’s like they’re in an altered stance or trance. Their overall goal is to create a space where the fans can get lost in the music.

“It is a complete communion with a band. And I can say that as a fan, when I go to see a band it is about participating. And I think when it’s done right, it is like this perfect dance between the fans and the band,” they continued.

Be sure to catch Midland on their The Last Resort tour which kicks off in April.