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Midland’s Marty Stuart Collab ‘Break Your Own Damn Heart’ Doesn’t Play Around

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Medina/Getty Images)

HARDY has a good thing going with his Hixtape series. The first one was a smash and the next is shaping up to be just as good, if not better. The records combine the spirit of an old-school hip-hop mixtape with solid country music. Many would agree that hip-hop and country go together like oil and water. However, there’s a link in the spirit of the music. Community sits at the heart of both genres and these tapes help to build and highlight that community. For the most part, the collaborations come from artists who have either worked together before or operate in the same circles. However, the latest single from the upcoming Hixtape Vol 2, is a little different. It features Marty Stuart and Midland on a killer honky tonk-inspired track.

As far as collaborations go, I never would have put these two acts on the same track. Luckily, I’m not the one planning the Hixtapes because “Break Your Own Damn Heart” is incredible. Midland’s sound does harken back to classic country music. At the same time, Marty Stuart is passionate about preserving the history and sound of real, good, country music. So, in a way, the collaboration does make a lot of sense on paper. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Check out the track below.

Midland and Marty Stuart: One Hell of a Combination

“Break Your Own Damn Heart” has some serious writing power behind it. The boys from Midland, Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, and Mark Wystrach teamed up with HARDY and Hunter Phelps to pen the song. It shows. This track would fit right in with the Texas-based trio’s catalog. Both of their albums are full of bar bangers like “Cheatin’ Songs,” “Drinkin’ Problem,” and “Burn Out.”

Lyrically, this one stands out from other songs about being in bars. Country fans are used to songs about heartache, raising hell, and chasing women in bars. However, there aren’t many about sending the resident barfly packing. That’s where this Midland and Marty Stuart collab shines.

Throughout the verses, one of the boys from Midland and Marty Stuart describe all the things the woman in question did in the past. For instance, “Yeah, my good ol’ buddy Jim / After what you did to him / He’s still walkin’ with a limp to this day. Hey, let’s not forget ol’ Walter / You left him at the altar / Cryin’ like his dog ran away.”

The protagonist of the song isn’t trying to end up like Jim or Walter. The last lines of the chorus drive home the song’s message. “But I know how this ends, you driftin’ in the wind / And me cryin’ in my beer in this bar. / So, baby / Go break your own damn heart.”

Give this one a spin, you won’t be disappointed.