Midland’s Jess Carson Gives Update After Recent Health Care

by Allison Hambrick

Jess Carson of the country group Midland opened up about his recent struggle with Covid-19 as well as his appreciation for his fans.

“Hey, y’all,” he started the video. “I just want to say thank you for all of the kind words and prayers. I’ve been off the rood for a minute getting healthy after some complications with Covid, but I can’t wait to be back out there with you… Back out with my brothers and the band on the road, holding it down while I’m gone. We truly have the greatest fans in all of country music. All of the messages and y’all reaching out–it means so much to me. So thank you, and I will see you on the road again real soon.”

Carson missed several shows in March as a result of his Covid-19 diagnosis. The comments were full of well-wishes, with fans offering prayers and encouragement for the returning singer.

Jess Carson’s Group Midlands Discusses Upcoming Album

Prior to Carson’s health concerns, each member of Midland opened up about the group’s upcoming third album, The Last Resort: Greetings From. The Grammy-nominated group hoped to bring their music back to the roots of the country genre.

“There are a lot of honky-tonk truths,” explained Carson. “Some of them are the way a guitar or steel twines around the melody, almost a counterpoint or counter-narrative. To us, the playing is as important as the vocals or the lyrics. It’s not just a big wad of sound, but how the tracks build to extract the song’s essence. It’s a different thing, but it lets us not just have a sound, but make the songs more than just the hook… We’re trying to have people lean in, listen to the rest of what’s going on, too.”

Bassist Cameron Duddy then added: “We wanted ‘The Last Resort’ to be a track released before the album arrives because it’s kind of a manifesto for everything else. You know sometimes the last resort doesn’t mean you’ve run out of options, but more that you’ve decided you’re going for the place or the thing that’s going to set you free. That freedom of letting go and falling into space, giving it over to fate? That’s where real living begins…”

“It’s about more than the roots,” said lead singer Mark Wystrach. “Because that makes you think of something that’s buried, which this music shouldn’t be. It’s about creating country music that’s pure in a different kind of way, that draws on some of what’s been left behind but shouldn’t be. Some of these songs are pure Gary Stewart, others are the earliest Eagles stuff when they really were country.”

The album announcement read: “The Last Resort: Greetings From, our full-length album, will take you somewhere far away. Check in, leave your worries at the door, and live the high life with a motel view and a Midland attitude.”

The Last Resort: Greetings From by Midland debuts on May 6, 2022.