Miranda Lambert Announces ‘If I Was a Cowboy’ Music Video

by Samantha Whidden

Country songstress Miranda Lambert took to her Twitter and Instagram to announce the release date of the music video for her single If I Was a Cowboy.

“If I was a Cowboy Music Video. Wednesday | 7pm ET,” Miranda Lambert declares in the post. The country singer also shared a photo of the music video, which features her husband, Brandon McLoughlin. 

Miranda Lambert released If I was a Cowboy in October 2021 as the lead single for her upcoming eighth studio album. The song was notably written by Lambert and Jesse Frasure. The chorus reads, “If I was a cowboy, I’d be wild and free. Rolling around these towns like tumbleweeds. You thought the west was wild, but you ain’t saddled up with me. If I was a cowboy, I’d be the queen.”

In a statement, Miranda Lambert spoke about working with Frasure on the new single. “We met doing the remix of Tequila Does. He and I just got together one afternoon for a write. And this is what came out of it. It’s funny, he’s a Detroit boy and I’m an East Texan. But somehow we wrote a song about the Wild West together.” 

Meanwhile, the presale for Lambert’s 2022 Get On Again tour has opened for her fan club. Some of the tour’s stops include Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; St. Louis; Missouri; Cincinnati; Ohio, and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 

Miranda Lambert Recently Announced Her Latest Single ‘Y’all Means All’ 

The news about If I was a Cowboy‘s music video comes just a couple of weeks after Miranda Lambert announced the release of her latest single Y’all Means All. The song is notably for the series Queer Eye which premiered on Netflix on December 31st. 

According to Rolling Stone, Queer Eye took the cast to Texas to continue their mission of “encouragement and empowerment.” In the show’s trailer, the Queer Eye ambassadors put on cowboy hats and learn about “boot-scooting.” Lambert starts playing during the scene. Lambert’s Y’all Means All chorus reads, “If your life is like a tornado, all you need is a smoke and a rainbow.”

While sharing details about the single, Lambert wrote on Instagram, “I was asked to write a song for Queer Eye and I thought it was such a cool idea because I love the show My little brother Luke Lambert sent me a few titles and Y’all Means All was one of them.”

Lambert went on to share that she wrote the single with her friends Luke Dick and Shane McAnally. “I’m proud to be part of this amazing show that does so much good. Y’all watch the new season on Netflix.”