Miranda Lambert and Brandi Carlile to Be In New Show About Stars and Their Moms

by Anna Dunn

Miranda Lambert and Brandi Carlile will feature in rock musician Dave Grohl and his mother’s new series, From Cradle to Stage, about the relationship between famous musicians and their mothers. The series, set to air on Paramount + also features Geddy Lee, Pharrell Williams, Dan Reynolds, and Tom Morello.

The series debuts on May 6th. Miranda Lambert’s episode comes out on May 20th. Brandi Carlile’s episode comes out on May 27th.

“Having the opportunity to travel the country and tell the stories of these amazing women behind the curtain not only shed some light on the music that they inspired, but also made me appreciate the love that I was given from my own mother, my best friend.” Dave Grohl told Deadline.

Miranda Lambert and Her Mom, Beverly

In the teaser, Lambert has a more lighthearted demeanor than Brandi Carlile. In the clip, Lambert admits that “Sometimes you just need your mom.” A bit later in the trailer, Beverly Lambert teases Miranda. Miranda Lambert’s parents are both former private investigators. At the beginning of Miranda Lambert’s career, Beverly took on the role of her manager.

From Cradle to Stage is far from the only thing Miranda Lambert has been up to lately. Miranda Lambert is set to release a new album, The Marfa Tapes, on May 7th. Earlier this week, Lambert put on multiple performances at the ACM awards. Brandi Carlile and her mother also appear in the sneak peek.

Brandi Carlile and Her Mom, Teresa

In the teaser, Brandi Carlile said of her mom,”She’s been there every step of the way.” It’ll be interesting to learn more about Carlile and her mother.

Just like Lambert, Brandi Carlile has been keeping busy. She just released a book, “Broken Horses,” that made it to No. 1 on The New York Times Bestseller list. In the book, the 6-time Grammy award winner reflects on her turbulent life and successful career. Chris Willman with Variety said, “Carlile’s memoir is the best-written, most engaging rock autobiography since her childhood hero, Elton John, published ‘Me.'”

Brandi Carlile is also working on another album, that she says came “from the book.” She told Variety, “This album is very, very dramatic. Over the top. I’ve spent a lot of my musical life keeping the lid on how massive ‘90s female diva singing has influenced me. And I think that lid is just 10 miles behind me on this album. We really went for it.”

Needless to say, both Brandi Carlile and Miranda Lambert have a lot of upcoming releases. From Cradle to Stage will show viewers the women who raised them, and how that impacted their careers. Dave Grohl’s new series will come out just in time for Mother’s Day.

“It goes without saying that we are all indebted to the women who have given us life,” Grohl said. “For without them, there would be no music.”