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Miranda Lambert is ‘California Dreamin’ With Husband Ahead of Grammy Awards

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Between beach vacations, three Grammy Award nominations, and a dreamy husband, Miranda Lambert is living her best life.

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert is living the life we all dream of. She’s currently soaking up the sun on a beach in California while posing for adorable selfies with her hubby. And, she’s getting ready to perform at the Grammy Awards on Sunday where she’s nominated for three awards. If that’s not #goals, we don’t know what is.

If Miranda’s California dreams come true, she’ll win Best Country Album, Best Country Song, and Best Country Solo Performance for her album and the title track, Bluebird. And she’ll totally nail her performance of “Bluebird” during the Grammys ceremony with her band.

Miranda recently shared a photo from her time with her husband before her big Grammy performance. Along with the photo, she wrote, “California dreamin’.”

Have You Heard This Throwback Miranda Lambert Song?

This isn’t the first time Miranda Lambert’s been California dreaming. Years ago, Miranda released her song, “Oh, California.” However, the song isn’t about kicking back and enjoying a California beach. Instead, you can interpret the song a couple of different ways. Maybe the song is about meeting and falling in love with a man in California. Although they both seem to simply see each other and connect on a deep level, the man has too many walls to let Miranda in. The relationship eventually ends and Miranda is left with bittersweet memories and life lessons.

Or, you could interpret the song to be about a small-town girl who moves to California. She’s quickly entranced by the ways of the new, and sunny land. But she soon realizes that everything is surface level – that she can’t seem to fully connect with any of the experiences she has there or the people she meets. She wants to be a part of the world. She wants to stand out. But she ends up feeling alone, like another face in a crowd of countless people.

During the song, Miranda sings, “Wild and kind of crazy most the time, my heart was hanging on his every line. I memorized his every thought but the walls he had could never be brought down. And now he’s not around. I guess I’m just a face left in the crowd. Oh California, please come back to me. Oh California, you’re who I want to be. Live inside of me.”

Miranda Lambert’s “Oh, California”