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Miranda Lambert Debuts First Song from ‘The Marfa Tapes’ with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Miranda Lambert is finally releasing one of the new songs off of her upcoming album The Marfa Tapes where Lambert comes together with two country music legends to create a beautifully smooth acoustic sound.

If you’ve been waiting for something… anything, to be released from Miranda Lambert’s highly-anticipated album The Marfa Tapes then you are in luck. Check out what you can expect from the new record as she includes the talents of country greats, Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, the talents of country greats, Jon Randall and Jack Ingram.

Miranda Lambert Releases A Brand New Song

The new song “In His Arms” debuted Friday morning. Lambert, Randall, and Ingram have teamed up to create the collaborative album The Marfa Tapes. The tune aches with loneliness and the soft strumming of guitars.

“In His Arms” stays true to the country sound with the lyrics expressing a story like poetry leaping off the page to combine with passionate music. The combination of the two in the album’s debut song is perfection. Miranda Lambert’s stripped-down, authentic vocals openly express the lyrics as her voice rings out pure and smooth. The sound of Randall’s acoustic guitar accompanying Lambert is a beautiful mixture of both the artists’ talents.

“There’s something singular that happens in that moment of collaboration and creation, something you can never really recreate in the studio,” says Ingram. “Our hope with this album was to share a little bit of that magic with people.

All About “In His Arms”

Unlike some of her previous pop-inspired country songs, “In His Arms” stays true to the country genre in every aspect. The song is performed with an aching and longing tone. Miranda Lambert aches for a man who she felt understood her soul, creating a deep connection. However, the time shared between the two is short-lived. He wanders into the desert, leaving her alone to face her own heartbreak.

The music video shows the artists around a fire passionately playing and singing while the beautiful sky sparkles with a brilliant show of stars. The vast Texas desert is their stage, and they can also be seen on a truck’s tailgate. The arrival of night begins to fall as the sunsets. The lonesome sound of the song is even more expressed by how empty the terrain is that’s surrounding them.

The Three Venture to The Real Town of Marfa

The three wrote the album together and received its name from a real town in West Texas. They venture there in order to get away from all of the noise of modern-day society and find the quiet and inspiration needed to write.

Miranda Lambert describes her arrival to the town as an amazing experience. In the official announcement of the album, Lambert revels in the beauty of the peaceful and magical landscape.

“I’ll never forget pulling into Marfa that first night at 4 a.m.,” she said. “The stars were like nothing I’d ever seen before, just this endless blanket hanging so low you could reach up and touch them. I immediately understood why this place was so special.”

Lambert’s Upcoming Album The Marfa Tapes

The special location helped create a special song, and what should be a special album.

If you enjoy “In His Arms,” then the rest of the album will seemingly be a delight since all of the tracks are reported to have the same demo-like feel, taking a real, raw country approach.