Miranda Lambert ‘Dropped Everything’ to Collaborate With John Prine in 2016

by Jacklyn Krol

John Prine couldn’t sing enough praises for Miranda Lambert.

Prine spoke about the “Bluebird” singer with People in 2016 prior to his passing. Prine invited Lambert to sing on his record, For Better, Or Worse. At the time, Lambert was going through her divorce with Blake Shelton and was working on her own record.

“Singing with them smooths out my rough voice,” Prine said of his female superstar collaborators like Miranda Lambert. “They make me sound a little sweeter.”

“I let her pick the song, because of all the stuff that was going on in the newspapers,” he explained. Prine said that he didn’t want to ask her to do a divorce or sad song. Ultimately, the decision was left to her. “I said, ‘You can pick a sad one or a happy one and I’ll go along with it.'”

Lambert chose “Cold, Cold Heart” originally sung by Hank Williams for their duet.

John Prine on Miranda Lambert

“Miranda Lambert, to this day I’m still totally blown over from the CMAs,” he began. “That year she won everything but Male Vocalist and the Duet,” he said, seemingly referring to 2015. “I know for sure that the record companies and major labels pushed their artists to break their new single and perform it on the CMAs. Put the record out the next day. And she comes out in her shining moment and sings, ‘That’s The Way The World Goes Round.’ I wrecked the whole thing, her band just shredded it to pieces. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.”

Prine sent flowers to her for her unforgettable performance. Soon after, he met her parents, who were fans of his work. “About six months after that, I was flying out of Dallas and her dad and mom came down,” he continued. “It turns out, her dad was a big John Prine fan. Me and him sat there and talked for about an hour and a half.” Their duet was born shortly after their meeting.

Remembering John

In February 2020, Miranda Lambert told  The Tennesseean about her admiration for Prine. “I hope I write a song that I can play for John Prine that doesn’t terrify me,” Lambert said, with a smile. 

John Prine passed away from complications due to COVID-19 in April 2020. Lambert shared a photo of the pair on her Instagram account where she mourned her fellow artist. “Thank you for everything. One and only,” she wrote alongside a broken heart emoji.

In October 2020, Miranda Lambert performed his hit “That’s The Way The World Goes Round” for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, she used his own personal guitar for the performance.