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Miranda Lambert Shares Epic Photo from ‘Night 1’ of Her New Tour

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Day one of Miranda Lambert’s 2021 tour is off to a great start. The country star shared a photo on social media recently. The first show of the tour kicked off in Durant, Oklahoma and it appears to have been a great show. Lambert recently released The Marfa Tapes with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall.

Live music has returned across the country with great tours and shows. Miranda Lambert is one of the most artists, male or female, in country music. Her 2021 single, Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home) already has almost 40 million plays on Spotify since the release back in February. She has a more recent single out as well, a summer jam remix of her 2019 song Tequila Does.

Surely fans in Durant, Oklahoma got quite a show by the looks of Miranda Lambert’s post. “Night 1” in the books, Durant gets another show Friday night before Lambert heads out.

Lambert is known for being a great performer. Her shows are able to go from exciting party vibes to somber tones and notes in a blink of an eye. The range of her and her band shows why they are one of the best acts in country music right now.

Miranda Lambert and Versatility

While Drunk and the Tequila Does remix are making the rounds, there is all the music from The Marfa Tapes. Lambert has shown off her versatility already this year. Listen to Drunk and then go to a song like In His Arms from the recent album and the two are so different. Both are great songs in their own right.

One is a bit of a pop-country party song that many can relate to. Being drunk and not wanting to go home. Those nights are the best and the hangovers are usually the worst.

With a song like In His Arms, recorded in the desert with just vocals and a guitar, Miranda and her motley trio sit around and jam out a somber tune. The West Texas setting just adds to the majesty of the album with videos and a documentary that accompanied the album. Ingram and Randall got in on the lead vocals on other songs as the three traded off every so often.

Towards the end of the album, Miranda Lambert shows off even more of that versatility by doing a slowed-down acoustic version of Tequila Does. It is truly a special album that gets to the root of the music. With the small conversations and even small mistakes, it feels like friends jamming, because that’s what it is. Doing what people have done for years, plucking strings and singing some tunes.