Miranda Lambert’s Favorite Menu Item at Her Restaurant Casa Rosa Is Something We All Love

by Katie Maloney

Who doesn’t love some tequila and tacos? Well, country music icon Miranda Lambert has you covered.

She opened the doors to her Nashville-based restaurant and bar, Casa Rosa, in May of this year. The restaurant offers drink specials all named after Miranda Lambert’s songs including “Locomotive” and “Miss Ohio.” There’s even a stage in the restaurant so you can sip, eat and enjoy some country music. So, what’s Lambert’s favorite dish to munch on while visiting Casa Rosa?

During a recent interview, Lambert said that her favorite menu items are the gringo tacos. “It’s like a crunchy beef taco, and it makes me really happy,” said Lambert.

The menu features seven different taco options including Nashville hot chicken tacos and veggie tacos. We’re impressed that Miranda Lambert was able to choose a favorite because they all sound delicious!

Miranda Lambert Had Dinner With Her Family Every Night While Growing Up

Restaurants are places where families and friends can gather to enjoy food, conversation and just spent time together. And with the loving family she grew up with, it’s no wonder why Miranda Lambert would open a restaurant. During an interview, Lambert once revealed that her mom had strict dinnertime rules.

“Yes, I’m really close to my mom and my whole family. We have cooked together as far back as she could bring a stool to the kitchen counter,” said Lambert. “One thing my mom always insisted on is that our family eat dinner together every night. That was her way of making everyone chip in to make it happen.”

Lambert also revealed her favorite homecooked dish.

“My favorite dish that my mom makes is her famous meatloaf,” said Lambert. “It’s been the choice ‘birthday dish’ for me and my brother since we were little.”

So, is meatloaf on Casa Rosa’s menu? Unfortunately, there isn’t any of mama Lambert’s meatloaf on the menu. But, what is one the menu may have been inspired by Lambert’s mother. During the same interview, Miranda Lambert revealed that she always admired her mother’s ability to cook Mexican food.

“Her Mexican food is something I’ve never mastered,” said Lambert. “We are from Texas where Mexican food is a staple weekly dish for most families. Mom’s enchiladas would stand up against anybody’s! I’m going to keep working on it though. The worst enchiladas are wonderful and I love the research!”

It sounds like she’s mastered the dish because enchiladas are featured in several different ways on the Casa Rosa menu. We’re sure mama Lambert is so proud! Now, all Miranda Lambert fans can have a hearty meal and feel like they are eating dinner right along with Miranda Lambert and her family.