Miranda Lambert Opens Up About First Time Hearing Her Song on Country Music Radio

by Kayla Zadel

Miranda Lambert has grown to be one of our favorite country music artists. But rewind to where it all started for the “Famous In a Small Town” singer and there was a time when she was just getting started.

Lambert has just released her single “Me and Charlie Talking” off her debut album Kerosene. In this throwback video, Miranda Lambert remembers the first time she heard her song on the radio.

“I was actually riding, my mom was driving. I was in the passenger seat and there were a couple of friends of mine in the back seat when I first heard my song on the radio,” she says to Radio.com. “It was my first single, ‘Me and Charlie Talking’ and we pulled over. It was, I think it was in the spring, we pulled over and we like got out of the car and we’re running around the car.”

Lambert continues to share what it’s like to have your dream come true.

“When you decide to be a singer and you think about it, dream about it all your life and then you finally hear that first note and then your voice comes on the radio… it still never gets old to me. I still get excited when I hear my songs on the radio. It’s just a cool feeling.”

Miranda Lambert Lives Childhood Dream

Miranda Lambert dreamt of being a country music star at a young age. Music is in Lambert’s blood. Her father was both a musician and a songwriter. Growing up, Lambert listened to country music legends like Merle Haggard and Guy Clark and dreamed of being a singer. 

Lambert started her own high school band called Texas Pride at age 17. She began writing her own songs, and her father taught her how to play the guitar. Miranda Lambert graduated from high school early to focus on her music, backed by support from her family. She released an independent album in 2001, with the support of her parents financially who also helped her market the record.

Then Lambert went on to compete in the singing competition show “Nashville Star” in 2013. The “Settling Down” singer placed second on the talent show but was approached by Sony Music to sign a recording contract.

In 2005, Lambert released her first studio album Kerosene. It debuted at the top of the charts. The album went on to sell more than a million copies. For the album, the ACM nominated Lambert for several awards including New Female Vocalist.