Miranda Lambert Gets Nostalgic Looking Back on 10 Years Since Dropping Pistol Annies Debut Album

by Kati Michelle

Miranda Lambert is feeling rather emotional and nostalgic at the moment. It has nothing to do with family feuds. And no, the star didn’t get dumped over the jumbotron at a baseball game either. Instead, Lambert is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Pistol Annies Debut Album “Hell on Heels.” The singer, songwriter, all around country star took to Instagram to observe the momentous occasion.

Using a cleverly cute hashtag and some heart emojis sprinkled in, Miranda Lambert captioned the group snap:

“This week marks the 10 year ANNIEversary of Hell On Heels. A lot of life happened for all of us in the last decade and we told all those stories in our songs. Love my sisters @guitarleena @ashleymonroemusic #happyANNIEversary #10years

Her 4.2 million Instagram followers joined in the celebration in the comments section. Many could not believe so much time had flown by. Fans feel like they grew up right alongside the Pistol Annies crew. Many more also voiced their hope for a potential anniversary tour. While nothing has been officially announced, it’s not completely unlikely that something along those lines may be in progress.

You can catch the sultry stares and subtle grunge here:

Miranda Lambert Reveals What Other Names The Band Considered

Back in 2011, the fierce girl group sat down with The Boot to dish out the details of their formation. Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley talked about how they all came from similar small-town country backgrounds (in Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky respectively) but there were just enough differences to keep things interesting. It was also here where Miranda Lambert revealed that the band went back and forth about another name before committing to the Pistol Annies. She didn’t need to elaborate why the initial name didn’t stick.

“We were supposed to be the Calamity Janes in the beginning. But that name was owned by a stripper in Kansas.”

That’s when Angaleena chimed in.

“We came up with 100 different names. It went on for three days. Finally after about 100 different things Miranda, out of the blue, was like, “Pistol Annies?” And we both [said], “That’s it!” We said, “Wow, that was a hard thing to do.” She said, “Just think of how many songs titles we just thought of!” Now, half of the band names are song titles!”

The Holler, The Lone Star, and The Hippie

In the same Boot interview, the gals revealed the inspiration behind their stage names for the Pistol Annies group. Throughout their time performing together, they would often don these nicknames proudly around their necks. 10 years later, it has stuck.

Ashley: “I always said I was a hillbilly hippie. I want everybody to be fine, I want everybody to be calm and love each other and the world to be bright and pretty. But I’ll do yoga while I’m watching ‘Cops’ because I’m a redneck, too. [laughs]”

Miranda: [about Angaleena] “Holler Annie is from a holler in Kentucky. She has the sweet side but she also has a dark side. Our dark sides are a little more prominent. I have a little bit of an edge.”

Angaleena: “I’m a coal miner’s daughter and I don’t really have a filter.”