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Miranda Lambert Goes Horseback in New Music Video Teaser Featuring Her Husband

by Jacklyn Krol
(Photo by Jon Morgan, Getty Images)

Miranda Lambert teased a theatrical music video for “Settling Down.”

“Settling Down” By Miranda Lambert

Lambert gave fans a sneak peek at her music video via Instagram and offered fans an even longer peek by logging onto their Gmail account.

The video shows Lambert frolicking in a field alongside her husband, Brendan Mcloughlin. Mcloughlin is then seen in a tuxedo, looking like a model. The clip cuts to an image of a guitar in a field, flowers blowing in the wind, and Lambert riding a black and white horse while wearing a gorgeous gown.

The full music video will premiere on Lambert’s YouTube channel on Wednesday (October 21) at 6PM ET.

Watch the video, below.


The Story Behind the Song

Lambert revealed the story behind the song in a press release. The idea for the song came about when she was speaking to her bus driver when they were both going through difficult times. They questioned if they were settling up or settling down.

“With people, with life, with our situations, like what’s going on? I kind of wrote that in my phone, and Natalie [Hemby] had this line when I went in to write with her and Luke [Dick], ‘Should I give up sunsets for marigold mornings?’ And I thought that was so pretty, I said, ‘Well that might go with this kind of idea that I have.’

Lambert explained that Hemby is a mother, songwriter, and a member of the Highwomen. Dick is a father, songwriter, and in the band Republican Hair.

“And his four-year-old’s running around while we’re writing, and then he stays up all night making tracks,” she continued. “And so I’m getting on a bus, but I’m also going home to be with someone I love. So it’s this juxtaposition of, ‘Can I do both? Is that ok? Should I feel bad that I’m home or should I feel bad that I’m leaving?'”

Lambert said that getting used to everyday life that didn’t revolve around the music industry or touring was a shock. It took her a while to get used to going to birthday parties and family breakfasts. “Wherever the people that you love are is home, so it can be anywhere,” she added. “But it was a cool song to write at the very time that we needed to write it. I feel like a lot of people feel that way, that they have this gypsy spirit, and they want to be rock ‘n’ roll, but they also love having a morning at home with their bare feet on their own kitchen floor. It’s an amazing struggle to deal with actually.”

Lambert shared that her mother would always tell her, “You’re a wild child and a homing pigeon.” The “Bluebird” singer that she loves to be at home with her animals, be with her family, and listen to Merle Haggard. However, she also can “be ready to go anywhere in fifteen minutes.” Her necessities? A guitar and fringe, everything else she can buy at Target.

“I have this itch always to find a new adventure, but I’m always so ready to just walk through my own front door,” she concluded.