Miranda Lambert’s Husband Brendan McLoughlin Shows Off His Kicks That Match His Cocktail in Smiling Snap

by Katie Maloney

It’s summertime! This means it’s time to brunch. So, gather your friends, figure out which cocktail you’re going to order and then wear shoes that match the color of your drink! Oh wait…doesn’t everyone do that for brunch? Well, if they don’t, they certainly should! Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin did and we have a feeling he’s about to set a trend.

McLoughlin recently shared a photo of himself at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee. In the photo, he poses with his foot up next to his cocktail. McLoughlin posed this way to show that his shoes perfectly matched his pink cocktail.

Along with the photo, McLoughlin wrote, “When your cocktails match your Converse and the only other city guy @telemitry appreciates it enough to capture it.”

Does This Photo Mean More Miranda Lambert Remix Songs?

Country music star Miranda Lambert recently teamed up with DJ Telemitry. The two remixed Lambert’s song, “Tequila Does.” The man behind the Telemitry name is Jesse Vernon Frasure. Frasure isn’t just a DJ, he’s also a music publisher, record producer and songwriter. He’s teamed up with artists including Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, Kane Brown, and Thomas Rhett.

We’ve definitely heard of musicians becoming friends after they collaborate. But Miranda Lambert’s husband is hanging out and sipping cocktails with Telemitry – that’s a whole other level of friendship. So, could this mean more Miranda Lambert remixes in the future? We can only hope! For now, we’ll settle for dancing to the “Tequila Does” remix on repeat.

In fact, that’s exactly how Miranda Lambert decided to record the remix. During a recent interview with Bobby Bones, Lambert said the idea came to her after performing the regular version of “Tequila Does” and watching all of her fans dance enthusiastically.

“I did a private show and I was just doing my regular country version of [‘Tequila Does’] and everybody was dancing their asses off,” said Lambert.”

Lambert added that alcohol may have also influenced her decision.

“I might have been under the influence of alcohol after the show,” Lambert added.

Nevertheless, Lambert called up her manager and pitched the idea of the remix. Luckily, her manager took the idea seriously and got in contact with Jesse Frasure (Telemitry). The rest is remixed music history. In conclusion, Lambert said she’s happy with the way the song turned out.

“I love it,” said Lambert.

Now, can we somehow get a video of Miranda Lambert’s husband dancing to the “Tequila Does” remix while holding a cocktail from lambert’s restaurant Casa Rosa, and wearing shoes that match?! THAT would be the ultimate social media moment. We’ve already seen a video of McLoughlin singing karaoke with Lambert so this potential dance video could round out the package.