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Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall’s ‘The Marfa Tapes’ Documentary Film To Premiere on Paramount+

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM)

Oh boy, Outsiders. Big news as Miranda Lambert and The Marfa Tapes documentary is set to premiere this month on Paramount+.

Of course, Lambert will be joined by the rest of the trio that recorded the album and the documentary by her side. Jack Ingram and Jon Randall aren’t the biggest names in the genre. However, their impact can be felt throughout country music. These are three certified legends of the modern genre.

When The Marfa Tapes dropped in 2021, Lambert fans heard the sweet, raw sounds of the album, and then the rest of the country music world heard it. Since then, it has become one of the best projects, in my opinion, of the last few years. Now, the documentary is almost here, which means even more great content from the talented trio featuring Miranda Lambert.

Check out the documentary trailer below and see for yourself.

Just over 900 miles away from the U.S.-Mexico border, by the way the crow flies, this album and documentary were made. The doc will show fans a lot of the behind-the-scenes bits and pieces that went into the project—interviews with Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall—and being able to see that west Texas backdrop. Paramount+ continues to add to their music catalog.

‘The Marfa Tapes’ Is A Fun and Playful Mix

When you listen to The Marfa Tapes, there is something that is very different about it. Of course, the album was recorded almost entirely outside in the desert of Marfa, Texas. It’s a trio of insanely talented artists. However, it is hard to classify the album one way or another.

Is this a live album? Well, sure, in a way. But it isn’t like a live concert album. The composition of the project is more like a jam session that happened to be picked up on a hot mic. Is it a compilation album? These songs aren’t necessarily original to the album. But, they are recorded in a unique way, making them new again.

The best example of that is Tequila Does. Miranda Lambert might take that song and turn it into three or four different genres by the time she’s done with it. With the live noise from the desert around them, you can picture yourself sitting around a fire right there with them. Now, it will be easier than ever to imagine you’re right there with the new documentary.

Miranda Lambert Continues to Show Her Love for Texas

With this album and the accompanying documentary, Miranda Lambert and friends continue to show their love for Texas. All three artists on The Marfa Tapes are Texas natives and aren’t afraid to show their love for their home. It is clear that these songs and the process of making this project come from a passion of the heart.

Folks, don’t miss out on this one. January 20, The Marfa Tapes documentary hits Paramount+.