Miranda Lambert Is ‘Living in a Little Cabin’ as She & Brendan McLoughlin Build New Home

by Anna Dunn

Miranda Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, are building a new home. The two are “living in a little cabin” for now. McLoughlin is Lambert’s husband of two years, and the news that they are building a house together comes just as Lambert is about to release her newest album, The Marfa Tapes.

According to Taste of Country, the two are moving out of a five-bedroom, six-bathroom modern home in Nashville, Tennessee. It also features her “magic porch” with plenty of string lights. The “magic porch” is where she performed her hit song, Bluebird, during CMT’s Celebrate Our Heroes special.

But Lambert is going through a lot of changes. The upcoming The Marfa Tapes album and its accompanying film is just around the corner for the country star.

“I moved, and I’m creating a new magic porch,” Lambert said. “We’re building a house, so we’re living in a little cabin out back of the house. Everyone is like, ‘Where you gonna put your Grammy?’ I’m like ‘I don’t know yet’ (Laughs). ‘I’ll let you all know when you get there.'”

Miranda Lambert’s Newest Album is Just Hours From Release

The Marfa Tapes is set to release on May 7th (just a few hours from now). The album, which is supposed to have a more raw “campfire” feel to it, has very little professional production. In the songs, you can hear the wind blow and the cows. In one song, you can reportedly hear a border patrol chopper go by.

Jack Ingram, co-writer and producer of the album, told The Rolling Stone, “The whole idea of the record was trying to show people or let people listen to the moment of creation.” For most songs, Ingram explained, they’re very far from their moment of creation when they’re recorded. “Usually with the songs, we write them, and then they get put on hold for somebody [to record]. Or it takes time to record them with a full band, and then we got to do a demo…it’s almost like making a whole movie.”

But Lambert, along with Jack Ingram and Jon Randal, wanted this album to be about the joy behind the creation.

“We literally took some microphones and a Pro Tools rig out to the desert,” Randall said. Their sound engineer simply made minor touch ups to the songs.

Lambert’s highly anticipated The Marfa Tapes will also come with a movie. The movie will be released tomorrow, May 7th at 7 PM EST on Lambert’s Facebook page.

From moving houses to releasing a brand new album, Miranda Lambert is making big moves. Fans, meanwhile, only have to wait a few more hours before they can finally listen to the entirety of The Marfa Tapes.