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Miranda Lambert Sends Loving Message to Her Dad, Rick, on Father’s Day: PHOTO

by Amy Myers
(Photo by John Shearer/2021 CMT Awards/Getty Images for CMT)

Country music icon Miranda Lambert honors her dad, Richard Lee, on Father’s Day with a photo she shared on Twitter.

The picture features Richard Lee behind the railing of a Texas State Railroad train car, holding a bottle of his daughter’s signature wine, Red 55. He waves at the camera with his free hand. We can see where Lambert gets her classic smile from.

In the text, Lambert writes, “#HappyFathersDay to my dad Rick Lambert. Thanks for being a great dad to me, Luke & all the rest of the people in your life that you have been there for & consider you their “dad”. And thx to you & mom for the family business that keeps the buzz goin & wine flowin! @Red55Winery“.

According to Taste of Country, Lambert’s father was the first person to co-write a song with her. He even taught the country star how to play guitar and inspired her “love of music.”

Miranda Lambert’s Unusual Family Background

From the looks of Miranda Lambert’s photo of her dad, you wouldn’t suspect that he and Lambert’s mother were private investigators that dealt with many volatile cases. However, this is the life that Lambert knew growing up.

Lambert detailed her childhood and home life in an interview with The Guardian.

“They did lots of divorce cases, lots of cheating cases – our dinner conversations weren’t too normal,” she shared. “I was safe and sheltered, but I’m glad I could see and hear more reality than that.”

Lambert reported that her parents would even open their home to women and children in abusive situations. While never in danger herself, she said that those families inspired her hit song, “Gunpowder and Lead.” The song follows the story of a woman who finds the nerve to stand up to her alcoholic and abusive husband.

“I had Mom making cookies after school, and I also had moms whose partners were beating the crap out of them. Gunpowder & Lead was in my household for a long time,” Lambert recalled.

Her parents’ advocacy for those in abusive domestic situations inspired Lambert to take a stance of her own. In 2009, famous rapper, Chris Brown, assaulted his girlfriend, singer Rihanna. Just three short years later, Lambert believed the industry dismissed Brown’s actions. When she watched the world forget Rihanna’s trauma, Lambert reminded the public what a scathed woman can do. In a 2012 concert, Lambert performed “Gunpowder and Lead.” The kicker? She held up a sign that read, “Take Notes Chris Brown.”

All of this begun with the two people who exposed her to the different aspects and passions of life. From inspiring her interest in music to teaching her important life lessons, Miranda Lambert has learned much from her father.