Miranda Lambert Made One Huge Announcement to Her Friends the Same Day She Wrote ‘Settling Down’

by Clayton Edwards

Miranda Lambert released “Settling Down,” back in September of 2020. It was the third single from her album Wildcard. Lambert co-penned the song with Natalie Hemby and Luke Dick. So it had the same writing team as her 2019 hit song “Bluebird.”

Miranda Lambert took “Settling Down,” to number six on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart as well as the publication’s Hot Country Songs chart. However, the song is more than just a hit. It encapsulates an important time in Lambert’s life. It’s an examination of the big decision between the freedom of the single life and the more restrained happiness of married life.

Miranda Lambert and her writing partners penned the song shortly after she got married. However, the idea came to her long before either of those things happened. She discussed how the song came about as well as a huge announcement she dropped on her friends and collaborators before writing it with Bobby Bones earlier today.

Miranda Lambert On Her Big Announcement Before Writing ‘Settling Down’

Bobby Bones brought the conversation around to the song by saying, “Let’s talk about ‘Settling Down’ for a second. You wrote this with Natalie Hemby and Luke Dick. I’m always curious about when you walk into the room that day. Did someone already have this idea walking in? Kind of give me the genesis of ‘Settling Down’ as the songwriter.”

Miranda Lambert pointed out that she also co-penned “Blue Bird,” with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. So, she says, the trio “got on a good roll there.” That seems like an understatement. Both songs are favorites among her fans. Lambert went on to say that she already had the idea for the song when she came in. By the time she joined Dick and Hemby for their writing session, she had written “Settling up or settling down,” in her phone.

However, Miranda Lambert had more to tell her friends and songwriting partners about than a new song idea. About her announcement, she said, “I think the day we wrote [‘Settling Down’] was the day I actually walked in there and told them that I got married.” Then she laughs, adding, “Because I didn’t tell anyone.”

Miranda Lambert went on to say that Natalie Hemby is a longtime friend of hers and Luke Dick is a newer friend. So, her announcement to her friends helped to flesh out the idea she had for the song. She added, “I think that song is just based around me just going, ‘I did something crazy’”.

Finally, Miranda Lambert said that “Settling Down,” is her husband, Brendan McLoughlin’s favorite song on the album. In fact, he is the one who really pushed for it to become a single.