Miranda Lambert’s ‘Mess With My Head’: How the Song Was Inspired by Her Time in NYC With Husband Brendan McLoughlin

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

One of the many things that make country music so great is that its songwriters draw from their own life experiences— something Miranda Lambert often does. She does exactly that in her song, “Mess With My Head,” which pays homage to a particular time in her life in which she was living with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, in New York City. 

In addition to its commercial success, the song is also rife with emotion. When asked by FOX News to reveal the inspiration behind the song, Lambert responded with a simple answer: “Life itself actually,” she said. 

In other interviews, Lambert confessed that she was inspired to write the song from her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin and their time in New York City. When she introduced her fans to the song via Instagram, Lambert said it was directly influenced by the time she has spent with her husband in the Big Apple.

“It has a real rock edge,” Miranda Lambert said of the song. “Part of that comes from my co-writers, @LukeDick and @Wruckestrike, and the other part of that comes from spending time in New York City. Being there has put a new energy into my music and my writing.

Off her 2019 album, Wildcard, it entered the Country Airplay chart at the 19th position at the time of its debut.

“I had the palace lookin’ nice and neat 
Two feather pillows with expensive sheets 
Sittin’ so pretty on my velvet couch 
Before you came around
Maybe it’s wrong
But it feels right to me 
If it ain’t love 
Then I like it better than before”

Miranda Lambert’s ‘New Energy’ She Received From Living in NYC

Miranda Lambert co-wrote “Mess With My Head” alongside Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. In an email to fans, she called the song “a departure from anything that I’ve done before.”

At the time, the country superstar was spending more time in the Big Apple because her husband was an NYPD officer. “Mess With My Head” was the third song that Miranda Lambert shared from her forthcoming album. Before dropping “Mess With My Head,” she released the record’s first single, “It All Comes Out in the Wash.” 

Before that, she debuted the song “Locomotive” live at 2019’s CMA Fest. “I would call it old Miranda, but a Miranda at a whole new level, if that makes any sense,” Lambert said of the project at the time. “I made a career on being a rock ‘n’ roller, and I think fans are going to hear that throughout. And yeah, there is this vibe of being happy that goes through this album. I am really, really happy.”