Miranda Lambert Once Put Mic Down and Refused to Sing During Concert: Here’s Why

by Emily Morgan

If anything is for sure, it’s that Miranda Lambert has never been afraid to speak her mind. Not only is her sassy spirit evident in her songs, but she also lives by it. 

During a recent interview, the “Gunpowder and Lead” singer opened up about when she refused to sing at one of her concerts. During Apple’s Essentials Radio podcast with Kelleigh Bannen, Lambert took a moment to go in-depth about why she decided not to sing. 

In 2007, Lambert opened for her friend and fellow country singer, Toby Keith. At one of the shows, the audience in attendance was less than enthusiastic to hear Lambert’s set. In the interview, the “Bluebird” singer recalled how the event went down. 

“It was an amphitheater tour, and one night, the whole audience, they wouldn’t even clap hardly. I was about to do ‘Gunpowder,’ and it was my last song.”

According to Lambert, she was so upset with the audience’s lack of excitement that she “just put the mic down.” Later on, Lambert addressed the crowd. Not afraid to back down, she told the audience that she would not leave until she got a reaction from them.

“I said, ‘If y’all want to see Toby, right, you’re here to see Toby?’ I realized that, clearly,” Lambert recalled. “They’re like, ‘Yeah!!’ And I was like, I will leave as soon as I get a reaction. If anybody could just stand up, one person. And so the band vamped for like a solid minute and a half, which is like death to me, because I hate dead time on stage. I panic.”

Lambert explained that she set the mic on the ground and began pacing up and down on the stage. Finally, two audience members stood up, and gradually, the entire crowd stood. The whole crowd stood up and they started to clap and I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t know what else to do!” Lambert confessed.

Miranda Lambert Releases New, Collaborative Track

On Friday, Mar. 26, Lambert released “Am I Right or Amarillo,” the third song from her, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall’s upcoming new album, The Marfa Tapes. The song follows Lambert’s new version of “Tin Man” and the previously released “In His Arms.”

On Mar. 4, Lambert announced a new collaborative project titled  The Marfa Tapes with Ingram and Randall. Together, they laid down the record in Marfa, Texas, where Lambert says it is one of her all-time favorite places to write and escape.