Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Missing This Year’s Grammy Awards

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Miranda Lambert has recently shared why she won’t be at the Grammy Awards on April 3, and it’s because she has so much going on in the music world right now. “I’m not getting to go again,” she said in a conversation with ABC Audio.

The Grammys come right in the middle of planning for Lambert’s co-headlining tour with Little Big Town; plus she’s working on her newest album, “Palomino,” which comes out on April 29. She’s also performing at the CMT Awards on April 11.

“So, I’m slammed this month, with the record coming out and everything,” Lambert continued. Despite not being able to go, Miranda Lambert earned nominations in two categories; best country duo/group performance for “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” with Elle King, and best country album for “The Marfa Tapes” with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram.

Lambert spoke about last year’s Grammys, and how thankful she is for her previous experiences. “I got to play on the Grammys last year,” she said. “And I got to take one home, and I was just so thankful. I’m grateful for what I already have.”

Her tour begins on April 27, and “Palomino” comes out on the 29th, so her April is pretty stacked with planning. Additionally, she’s beginning a Las Vegas residency in September, so she has to plan for that as well. The Grammys aren’t going anywhere, after all; there’s always next year.

Miranda Lambert on Her Las Vegas Residency

Miranda Lambert spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about her new residency, called “Velvet Rodeo,” and how she’s stepping out of her comfort zone. “I really want to make this something to prove not only for the fans but for us as a band,” she said. “I think it will keep us on our toes.”

She also spoke about what elements she hopes to bring to the show that she usually doesn’t do. “I want to add some elements to the show that maybe I’ve never done before,” she said. “Whether it’s a wardrobe change or a couple of acoustics by myself.”

Lambert has previously spoken about how raw acoustic performances are, as “The Marfa Tapes” was a collection of acoustic songs. She said that “The Marfa Tapes” was the most vulnerable she’s ever been; additionally, “it was a risk to put it out the way it was,” she said, because the acoustic performances were so unpolished and raw. To see her perform some stripped-down, vulnerable songs at her residency would definitely be a treat.

Additionally, she’s planning to release the song “Actin’ Up” on April 7 to celebrate her residency. She added that she expects the residency to be something special. “Vegas should be special,” she said. “I think people are going to follow me to Vegas and come to the show, it really needs to be special.”

“Velvet Rodeo” begins on September 23, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada and will run until December 11. Lambert will take a break before returning on March 24, 2023.