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Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Reviving Her Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town This Spring

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019/FilmMagic for ACM )

Miranda Lambert is heading back out on the road with a special guest this spring. That’s right. Little Big Town is hopping back on the Bandwagon Tour. Are you ready to experience this much talent in one arena?

A week ago, she shared a short clip of her announcing the tour with her Instagram followers. In the caption of the post, Miranda Lambert said, “Where are we gonna see y’all?!”

In the clip, she expresses her excitement to perform with Little Big Town again.

“Hey y’all! It’s Miranda! The Bandwagon Tour is officially on sale,” Miranda Lambert said in her video. “I get to go be part of Little Big Town, my favorite band ever! I’m so excited. We have such a blast on this tour and I can’t wait to see y’all. It’s one of the best memories I have of being out on the road. So, let’s do it again!”

As soon as she posted, fans instantly flooded the comment section with where she’ll see them at.

“See you in NY!!” one user said. And another fan said, “Clarkston, Michigan!! Can’t wait!”

If you want to jam out with Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town in an area near you, purchase tickets here.

Miranda Lambert Talks All Things Bandwagon Tour

Recently, Rolling Stone sat down with Miranda Lambert to ask her a few questions about the revived Bandwagon Tour. The questions include everything from Little Big Town being great tourmates to the struggles with COVID-19.

To begin with, the interviewer asked, “You’ll be reviving your Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town in May. What makes them such ideal tourmates?

“It creatively works. The music is a good parallel. We’ve all had long careers and have stayed in this game and reinvented ourselves creatively over and over,” Lambert answered. “Besides all the work stuff, it’s freakin’ fun. They’re great people and it really breaks it up. I’ve been playing music for a living on a stage since I was 17. After a while, you have to figure out what makes it fun for you and not just the same routine.”

Following up on that question, the interviewer asked how they’re dealing with COVID-19 while getting everything tour-ready.

“I mean, besides being real over it and frustrated? My team [and I], we plan and then we adjust,” Lambert added. “We have not stopped planning things. Luckily, the way we routed [our tour] and adjusted it last year, we played all but two shows. You can’t stop moving forward even if your plans get canceled.”

Despite the pandemic canceling a lot of shows last year, it gave artists a chance to focus on other things.

“It brought it back to super simple and I had never had that before in my adult life,” Miranda Lambert told Rolling Stone.