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Miranda Lambert’s Parents Were Convinced She Wrote ‘The House That Built Me’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Green Room PR)

Miranda Lambert has quite a few successful studio albums in her long career in country music. However, her hit single, “The House That Built Me,” possesses some of her most raw lyrics to date. And considering the weight of the words rolling from the artist’s mouth as she paints an emotional narrative, it’s not surprising that Miranda Lambert’s parents were convinced she was responsible for penning the song.

“The House That Built Me” made its debut in 2010. In the decade-plus since it’s reached radio airwaves, it’s left more than a few country music fans shedding tears. But, according to Taste of Country, the lyrics were so spot-on for Lambert’s parents, that they believed she had written the song herself.

However, that’s not at all the case. As per the outlet, “The House That Built Me” was actually written by songwriters Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin. In speaking to their thoughts upon hearing the single, Rick Lambert, Miranda Lambert’s father, said, “It’s like the persons that wrote that song were channeling into our lives at that horrible, but great time in our lives.”

He revealed that the song brings “so many mixed emotions” to the surface. He revealed that at one time, the Lambert family lost everything they owned. That included a house “that we built with our own hands.”

The outlet detailed that many of the iconic images from the song—from the narrator learning to play guitar in “that little back bedroom” to the dog buried beneath the backyard tree—mimick events from Lambert’s childhood. That said, it’s more interesting that “The House That Built Me” was never even intended for Miranda Lambert to sing.

The Origins of ‘The House That Built Me’

The symbolism of “The House That Built Me” means a lot for Miranda Lambert and her parents alike. However, the story behind the song’s journey and how it found Miranda Lambert is just as captivating.

Released in 2010, “The House That Built Me” would become the “If I Was a Cowboy” singer’s first No. 1 song. As per the outlet, the song was first written way back in 2004. That was a year after Miranda Lambert competed on “Nashville Star.”

Several years later, executives pitched the hit song to her ex-husband and fellow country music artist Blake Shelton. Lambert had attended the session with him at the time. When Shelton saw Lambert’s emotional reaction to the lyrics, tears streaming down her face, he handed it off to her.

Now, more than a decade after “The House That Built Me” made its debut, Miranda Lambert is gearing up to release her brand new studio album, Palomino. Premiering on April 29th, the record marks the first brand new Miranda Lambert release since Wildcard dropped three years ago.