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Miranda Lambert Praises Fans for ‘Tequila Does’ TikToks, Asks to ‘Keep ‘Em Coming’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: C Flanigan/FilmMagic

A new trend has started based on country artist Miranda Lambert’s song, “Tequila Does.”

Lambert released the live music video for the song that first appeared on her 2019 album, “Wildcard.”

Now, fans have taken to TikTok to post videos that go along with the song. Lambert is all for fans getting creative with her song.

Fans are doing anything from singing along to posting heartwarming videos of others singing along. One user posted a video of her mom dancing and trying to sing along to “Tequila Does.”

Other people just used the hashtag to help share their intense love for Miranda Lambert or tequila in general. Lambert even started commenting on some of the videos to let fans know she was seeing them.

She responded to the mom singing by saying, “This is amazing.”

The No. 1 trending video with the sound isn’t the clip of the new music video Lambert released. Instead, it’s actress Miranda May. She is most known for her role on the Disney Channel show, “Bunk’d” and the movie “The Heartbreak Kid.”

Miranda Lambert Live Video

Miranda Lambert really surprised fans with the video for “Tequila Does.”

The video is a throwback to the good days of live music and before COVID-19. It’s a live video filmed during her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour in 2019 and it makes us all feel a little nostalgic.

She wrote on social media, “Filmed this at a show before everything shut down. We miss singing with y’all. But love that you have given this song a life of its own since day one.”

The video centers around the main star: tequila. Lambert is recorded taking shots backstage with her band, accepting a mini bottle from a fan in the audience, and pouring herself a drink in her dressing room.

Details on the Song

She released another video titled, “Tequila Does: Story Behind the Song,” that gives more detail on why she released the hit country song.

“Usually every couple of years, when it’s time to write, we’ll disappear and go to a pasture somewhere, and stay for three days and have a fire and just write songs. A lot of them end up being about Texas, because you’ve got three Texans out there. We wrote ‘Tin Man’ together, so we shared that really special moment together. So after that, writing something like ‘Tequila Does,’ was kind of like, ‘Let’s write a fun one. Let’s write a fun Texas honky tonk song,” Miranda Lambert said.

She did stray away from the topic of Texas, but not too far. Lambert shows off her alcohol-themed, multi-tempo dedication to different brands of tequila like Casamigos or Patrón.

In many ways, this song took Lambert back to a special place, just like she did for fans as well.

 “No matter how rock or edgy or scorned you can get, when you come back to a country song, with a steel guitar, it makes my soul feel like it’s on fire. It’s my roots. It’s what I loved the most about the music that I grew up on, and that’s why I love making that kind of music,” she said.

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