Miranda Lambert Previews Studio Version of ‘The Marfa Tapes’ Song ‘Geraldene’ on Upcoming ‘Palomino’ Album

by Lauren Boisvert

Miranda Lambert recently shared some new music; technically, a new version of “Geraldene” as part of her upcoming “Palomino” album. The original song was a raw acoustic version from “The Marfa Tapes,” which is up for Best Country Album at the Grammys. The “Palomino” version is a studio cut, and Lambert is giving us a preview.

“Geraldene” is fun and punchy, and sounds great polished in the studio. Lambert posted a video on Instagram with a clip from “The Marfa Tapes.” In the video, she’s singing outside; the sound is definitely raw and unfiltered. Miranda Lambert’s voice carries, but “Geraldene” was meant for electric guitar riffs and the clear, loud sound you get from a studio cut.

“Palomino” comes out on April 29, after Miranda Lambert embarks on her tour on April 27. She’s on a solo tour until August 7. She’ll also intermittently play with Little Big Town on the Bandwagon Tour from May 6 to June 11. After that, she’s gearing up for her Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas residency. She’ll do that from September 23 to December 11, then take a break, and return in March 2023.

Miranda Lambert Previews ‘Geraldene’; Plus, Talks Velvet Rodeo

For her residency, Lambert hopes to step out of her comfort zone. She’s previously spoken to Entertainment Tonight Canada about what she wants to do for this new experience. “I really want to make this something to prove not only for the fans but for us as a band,” she said. “I think it will keep us on our toes.”

She wants to do things she’s never done before, “whether it’s a wardrobe change or a couple of acoustics by myself.” The new residency will definitely test Lambert and her band. But, I have a feeling they’ll enjoy performing for fans from all over.

“Vegas should be special,” said Lambert. “I think people are going to follow me to Vegas and come to the show, it really needs to be special.” 

Miranda Lambert is Not Going to the Grammys This Year; Here’s Why

Although she’s nominated for a Grammy with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, Miranda Lambert won’t be attending the awards show this year. Why not? According to Lambert, she’s just too busy.

The 2022 Grammy Awards come right in the middle of her planning for her tour; she’s also putting the final touches on her “Palomino” album. Also, planning for the Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town, plus Velvet Rodeo, plus a performance at the CMT Awards on April 11. Safe to say, Miranda Lambert has a lot on her plate.

“So, I’m slammed this month,” she told ABC Audio, “with the record coming out and everything.” Lambert is not only nominated for “The Marfa Tapes,” but for her song with Elle King, “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home).”