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Miranda Lambert Puts on Patriotic Display in Special Fourth of July Photo

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ACM)

Nothing says “summer in the South” like a white sundress, fringe jean jacket and a pair of cowboy boots. Miranda Lambert stuns her Instagram followers as she shows off her Fourth of July outfit. She flaunts Stevie Nicks-inspired jacket and cotton dress between two red doors that give us all kinds of patriotic vibes. Lambert tied her hair neatly behind a red bandana and gives the camera one of her classic sultry smiles.

She captioned the photo, “Y’all have a safe and happy #FourthofJuly weekend! And don’t forget to keep your pets safe during the fireworks.”

Miranda Lambert Heads Rescue Foundation

Miranda Lambert, herself, has eight dogs at home. With a golden retriever, three Great Pyrenees, three mutts and a senior dog named ROE (Running on Empty), it’s no wonder the star is concerned for other pet owners that their fur-babies are safe on the Fourth.

In fact, Lambert created an animal rescue foundation, MuttNation, which promotes the adoption of shelter pets, as well as spaying and neutering pets. Through fundraisers, adoption drives, emergency relief funds and even a few concerts, Lambert and MuttNation strive to help rescue animals and shelters in all 50 states.

Lambert’s passion for rescue animals began when she volunteered at local shelters. That’s where she met her first of many rescue pups, Delilah. Now with a pack of her own back home, Lambert is a dedicated advocate for animals without homes.

Lambert’s Love of Animals Follows Her Everywhere

However, Lambert’s passion doesn’t end with dogs. Besides her eight pups, last year, Lambert added a new member to her furry family. On Instagram, Lambert shared that the kitten, Tequila, would be staying with her parents. But unlike her canine cousins, Tequila wasn’t in a shelter.

While driving down a two-lane highway going 70 miles per hour, Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin suddenly made a U-turn. When Lambert asked him why they were turning around, McLoughlin answered, “There’s a kitten in the road, and I knew you would kill me if I saw it and didn’t stop.”

And just like that, the Lamberts added another furbaby to the mix. Tequila, named after her latest single “Tequila Does,” weighed only 14 ounces. Doctors estimated that he was only four to five weeks at the time.

Lambert captured some sweet photos of the thankful kitten on their ride to her parents’ home. Tequila was only as big as the country star’s hand and could perch easily on her husband’s shoulder as he drove. Once arrived at his new forever home, Tequila curled up on Miranda Lambert’s father’s lap.

While this time, the rescue pet didn’t stay with the star, with horses, goats, bunnies, dogs and cats filling the property, it’s only a matter of time before another lucky animal gets to call Lambert and McLoughlin’s home theirs.