Miranda Lambert Releases ‘If I Was a Cowboy’ Music Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM)

It’s a great time to be a Miranda Lambert fan. Last week, she announced that she’s hitting the road with Little Big Town on the second round of their Bandwagon Tour. Then, just a few days later, Miranda teased the video for her latest single “If I Was a Cowboy.” That video is finally here and it was more than worth the wait.

Miranda Lambert tapped Trey Fanjoy to direct this video. She and Fanjoy have worked together several times in the past. She was behind the videos for “Settling Down,” “Bluebird,” “The House That Built Me,” and several others. All of those were top-notch. This video, though, is something truly special. It’s like watching a Lambert-led western.

“This song has references to all of my favorite westerns, and a cowboy lifestyle,” said Miranda Lambert. “We shot this video in a little old west town in Texas with real cowboys!”

The cinematic feel of this video doesn’t stop with the visual storytelling. It’s shot in widescreen and the cinematography is on par with a big-budget feature film. There are scenes of Miranda Lambert and her gang riding across the Texas plains, sitting around a campfire, and shooting whiskey in a saloon. Each of those moments feels like it was pulled from a western that I’d gladly see on a big screen.

Miranda Lambert Brings Authenticity to “If I Was a Cowboy”

Everything in this video is stunning. Miranda Lambert, the “little lady” she leaves waiting on the porch, and the band of cowboys she’s riding with are all easy on the eyes. The scenery in the video is gorgeous as well. That’s probably because they didn’t use some studio backlot to bring this mini-western to life.

When Miranda Lambert announced the video’s official release on Twitter, she added a couple of facts about the production. She told her fans that they shot the video in “a little old town” in her home state of Texas. Additionally, she’s riding with real cowboys in the video. Well, most of them are real cowboys. One of them is her husband, but he looks the part. So, it all works out.

The Total Package

There is a lot going on in this video. However, after watching it a couple of times, you start to pick up on a couple of subtle things. In the chorus, Lambert sings, “If I was a cowboy I’d be the queen” and that’s just how she comes across in the video.

She rides at the head of the pack as they pound across the plains. While they’re sitting around the fire, everyone’s eyes are on her, like they’re hanging on her every word. The scene in the saloon, though, really showcases the regal outlaw character they created for the video. From the moment she bursts through the batwing doors, it’s like she owns the place.

All in all, this is yet another killer collaboration from Miranda Lambert and Trey Fanjoy.