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Miranda Lambert Releases New Single ‘Strange’ From Upcoming Album, ‘Palomino’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Miranda Lambert added to her already-massive week by dropping a new single. Earlier today, Lambert took to Twitter to share the good news. Not only did the reigning Entertainer of the Year drop a new single but she also announced a new album coming in April.

I’ve been waiting for Miranda Lambert to announce a new album since her last single dropped back in October. “If I was a Cowboy” saw Lambert leaning into her Texan roots and it has been a mainstay on my playlists. Honestly, I was hoping to hear more like it on her next release. I’m happy to say that “Strange” is in the same vein as its predecessor. Give it a listen.

Miranda Lambert Is Feeling Strange in Her New Single

Sometimes, an artist will drop a song that feels perfect for the moment. “Strange” is one of those songs. If you’ve been paying attention to the world at all, you’ll know that these are, indeed, strange times. Hell, some might say that the world is on fire right now. Miranda Lambert’s new single is all about keeping those flames at bay.

She highlights staying sane in strange times in the song’s chorus. “Have a smoke, buy a round. / Get on a jetliner going anywhere bound. / Pick a string, sing the blues. / Dance a hole in your shoes. / Do anything to keep you sane. / ‘Cause times like these make me feel strange. / Times like these make me feel strange.

In the verses, Miranda Lambert seems to be addressing all of the changes that the world has gone through in the past few years. She talks about music, the collapse of America’s Main Streets, and more. However, she does so in a way that is approachable. Miranda never sounds like she’s standing on a soapbox. Instead, she keeps her lyrics light over a laid-back electric guitar.

Miranda Lamber co-penned her new single with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. In the past, Lambert worked with the same writing team to pen a handful of bangers including “Settling Down.” Additionally, she co-produced it with Luke Dick and her Marfa Tapes Collaborator John Randall. So, it seems like Miranda Lambert is keeping it in the family with the new album.

A Huge Week for Lambert

It’s only Thursday, and Miranda Lambert is already capping off a huge week with this new single. She kicked off the week by winning Entertainer of the Year at the ACM Awards. She’s the most-awarded artist at the ACMs. However, this is somehow her first Entertainer of the Year win. This one is hard-earned, much-deserved, and has been a long time coming.

Additionally, Miranda Lambert’s Mutt Nation teamed up with Tractor Supply Co. to donate $260,000 to animal shelters across the country.

Palomino hits shelves and streaming on April 29th.