Miranda Lambert Releases New ‘Tequila Does’ Remix Song and it’s Delivering all the Summer Vibes

by Clayton Edwards

“Tequila Does” is a favorite among Miranda Lambert fans. Fans got their first shot of the song on Lambert’s 2019 album Wildcard. She didn’t release it as a single, though. However, that didn’t detract from its popularity among those who bought or streamed the album. This isn’t surprising. After all, sometimes, the real gold is hidden among the album cuts.

“Tequila Does,” is a killer song. Country music is full of drinking tunes. Artists approach the subject of firewater from a variety of angles. Some drink because they’re heartbroken. Others drink to have a good time. Then again, some just drink because it’s what they do. Miranda Lambert, though, sings about tequila loving her better than any man can.

Sonically, the album cut of the song is a departure from a large portion of Miranda Lambert’s catalog. Often, the production on Lambert’s tracks is big, shiny, and slick. “Tequila Does,” however, is fairly bare bones. The verse features Miranda’s voice accompanied by a single acoustic guitar. Then, a full band comes in for the chorus.

Miranda Lambert co-penned the tune with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. The trio collaborates often. Most notably, they came together for Lambert’s Marfa Tapes. The track also appears on that album. However, it is much more stripped-down, as are all the songs on the record. Overall, the two cuts of “Tequila Does,” are similar. The Marfa Tapes cut is just a little rawer than the Wildcard cut.

Today, Miranda Lambert released a new remix of the song that is completely different.

Miranda Lambert Drops New ‘Tequila Does’ Remix

If an acoustic guitar playing a waltz rhythm isn’t your shot of Patron, Miranda Lambert has you covered. Today, she dropped a remix of the song by Nashville-based producer and DJ Telemitry just in time for the holiday weekend. It’s about as different from the first two cuts of “Tequila Does,” as you can get.

While the first two cuts of the song were pure country, this one is pure summer fun. The remix removes all of the traditional instruments and replaces them with a beat fit for any summer party. However, some things from the original are still present.

For one, Miranda Lambert’s voice still shines, as usual. It doesn’t matter what music she sings over, her voice cuts through it. At the same time, the lyrics haven’t changed. So, the stellar songwriting is still present, for the most part.

Miranda Lambert announced the release of the new track on her Twitter late last night.

In the tweet, Lambert says, “Cheers y’all! Summer vibes.” If you want your dose of Lambert’s summer vibes, you’re in luck. You can listen to the Telemitry remix of “Tequila Does,” on all streaming platforms.