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Miranda Lambert Releases ‘Tequila Does’ Live Video Filmed ‘Before Everything Shut Down’

by Joe Rutland
(Mark Levine/ABC via Getty Images)

Country music singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert managed to get a live video of her song “Tequila Does” done just in the nick of time.

See, Lambert performs this song in front of an audience and did it “before everything shut down.” Her comment comes as part of a tweet where she shares a clip of the video. A link is provided to the full video, too.

There is something magical that happens at a time musicians get together.

Looking back, Miranda Lambert was having a little of the tequila taste in the West Texas town of Marfa. It’s a place among the mountains and plateaus where creatives have gone for a long, long time, chasing the Terlingua lifestyle.

Miranda Lambert Gets Down To Business With Friends

Lambert was there with a couple of friends from the music industry, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. This is the same trio that helped Lambert come up with “Tin Man,” a hit song for her in 2016.

Anyway, while passing around the tequila bottle and feeling pretty good, Miranda Lambert thought it might be worth a song to recreate the experience.

She, Ingram, and Randall put their woozy heads together for the lyrics and music. Lambert then headed into the studio and set the song down. From that point on, it’s a song that her fans probably click on when they want to feel good with some adult beverages.

“Tequila Does” appears on her seventh album, “Wildcard,” and is definitely a fan favorite. When she performs it live, her fans join in and sing along.

Lambert Brings Some Country Into ‘Jive Talkin’ Remake

One thing Miranda Lambert does not mind doing is stretching her country roots in other directions. This led her to team up with Barry Gibb of the legendary group The Bee Gees for a remake of their hit song “Jive Talkin’.”

Gibb parlayed having Lambert and other country music favorites on his album, “Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1.” Other country artists on the album include Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Jason Isbell.

Now Gibb, who initially had the big hit with “Jive Talkin'” back in 1977 with his late brothers Robin and Maurice, decided to record this album in Nashville. It turns out that he’s a big country music fan himself.

Barry Gibb Enjoyed Having Lambert And Others Perform

“From the first day we stepped into RCA Studios in Nashville (the same place Elvis, Willie, Waylon, Roy, the Everly Brothers created country music magic), the album took on a life of its own,” Gibb said.

Gibb believes that his brothers would have loved this album.

“(The guest performers) were all incredibly generous with their time and talent,” Gibb said. “They inspired me more than words can express. I feel deep down that Maurice and Robin would have loved this album for different reasons. I wish we could have all been together to do it … but I think we were.”

Miranda Lambert adds her own touch to this disco classic. Who would have thought that country and disco could share the stage together? Well, Lambert and Gibb make music magic with this sweet version of a hit from the days of “Saturday Night Fever.”

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