Miranda Lambert Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Details About ‘Tequila Does’ Video Filmed at Her ‘Vintage Trailer Park’

by Clayton Edwards

Miranda Lambert stepped out of her comfort zone last month and released a remix of “Tequila Does.” She had never done a remix before. However, she played the original version of the song at a small show one night and noticed that people loved dancing to it. So, she wanted to see how folks would react to an electronic remix. That idea grew into a great summer jam. Then, she decided that the track needed a music video.

That video dropped last night and it fits the song like a glove. It’s basically a summer party at a vintage trailer park with all the tequila you can handle. Honestly, it looks like they’re having a blast. Shortly after the video dropped, Miranda Lambert posted about it on her Instagram. In that post, she shared a short trailer that showcases the chorus of the song as well as the fun vibe of the video. In the caption, she gave some behind-the-scenes facts about the video as well as releasing the remix.

First, Miranda Lambert revealed that her brother Luke and his husband Marc were among the first people to hear the “Tequila Does” remix. Lambert said that she knew it was something he would enjoy. So, she sent it over to him to get his feedback. Both Luke and Marc loved the song. Their enthusiasm gave her the confidence to release the track last month.

Miranda Lambert Gathered Friends and Family to Shoot the Video

The people you see having a killer time in the video aren’t paid actors pulled from a casting call. Instead, they are Miranda Lambert’s friends and family. In the caption of her post, she said that she knew the video would be fun. So, she decided to share that good time with the people she cares about. She invited everyone out to her farm to shoot the video in her vintage trailer park.

Two things to note here. First and foremost, it’s nice to know that Miranda Lambert reached out to people she knew to make them part of this video. It’s her first remix and a huge departure from most of her catalog. So, it feels more special knowing that her loved ones were along for the ride. Second, she just subtly announced that she has a vintage trailer park on her farm. That just seems like a very cool thing to have.

When choosing someone to film the video, Miranda Lambert immediately landed on Reid Long. According to her post, Long has shot live footage for Lambert on the road and she loved how it turned out. She knew he would capture the feeling she wanted for the video.

Check out the video above and you’ll see that they nailed the summer part vibe.