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Miranda Lambert Reveals First Concert Dates in Over a Year

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

Miranda Lambert fans, are you ready? Because the country superstar is going back on tour.

Well, she’s going back on tour for three days! Miranda Lambert is heading to her home state in April for her first concerts in over a year. She announced that she’ll be doing three shows in Fort Worth, Texas. She’ll play at Billy Bob’s every night from April 22-24.

Miranda announced the concerts via social media. She wrote, “First concert in over a year. Texas, I can’t wait to come home” along with a heart emoji.

Subscribed Miranda Lambert fans will be the first to get access to tickets. You can join the fan group on her website. And don’t worry, Miranda also assured everyone that COVID protocols will be followed. She wrote, “*We’re doing this safely and right. Show will be reduced capacity and distanced with strict COVID protocols in place.*”

Do Not Bring A Beach Ball To Miranda Lambert’s Upcoming Concerts

In case you didn’t know, Miranda Lambert hates beach balls at concerts. In fact, she hates them so much, she keeps a knife by the drum stand so she can stab any that come her way. It all started when she was touring with Kenny Chesney in 2009. During her performance, a beach ball bounced up and hit her in the face.

“I hate beach balls,” Lambert said during an interview. “I just feel like people are so distracted from the music when they’re trying to worry about a beach ball hitting them in the head and bouncing around like a volleyball. And people down front get hit in the back of the head because they don’t see it coming,” she said.

One fan was lucky enough to catch Miranda Lambert Beach Ball Destroyer (next album name?) on camera during a concert. She shared a video of Lambert walking over to the drum set, picking up the knife and stabbing a beach ball. Along with the video, the fan wrote, “BEACH BALL ALERT” along with knife emojis.

After stabbing the ball, Lambert says “I love y’all but we’re not at the beach, we’re singing country music tonight.”

So, Miranda Lambert fans, be warned: don’t bring any beach balls to her concerts this April. We want more concerts, so don’t mess this up for us!